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  • Clown Fish Combo
  • SJ0893 Clown Fish Bounce House Slide Combo For Sale
  • Clown Fish Combo Bounce House
  • Clown Fish Combo
  • SJ0893 Clown Fish Bounce House Slide Combo For Sale
  • Clown Fish Combo Bounce House

    Clown Fish Combo

  • MODEL:SJ0893
  • SIZE(M):9*4*4.8
  • SIZE(FT):29.5*13.1*15.8
  • PACKAGE(M):1.29CBM
  • WEIGHT:181KG


Crown fish combo is the combination of left inflatable crawling channel and the right inflatable slide. Children can crawl, climb and slide with friends and chasing each other on this inflatable combo. It is a safe, comprehensive, ornamental, novelty, colorful, durable scientific three-dimensional combination, the use of super PVC waterproof cloth, this is a comprehensive and strong amusement park.

Length: 29.5'/9 meters    Width: 13.1'/4 meters    Height: 15.8'/4.8 meters

Product advantages:
1, Reasonable structure. Scientific design, scattered fabric parts excessive pressure, reducing the huge impact of playing, extends equipment life.

2, Beautiful appearance, new shapes, leading fashion. In recent years, our company developed and produced many series of theme inflatables, leading the industry trend.

3, Fitness educational: dozens of different ways of playing, the maximum to stimulate the enthusiasm of children to participate. While the children are entertaining, they exercise their ability to cultivate their competition and the spirit of self-defeating, and enhance their ability to survive and adapt to society.

4, In addition, inflatable products are small in size and easy to handle, widely used in playgrounds, squares, parks, shopping malls, communities, clubs, stadiums and other indoor and outdoor venues.

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