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  • Chasing The Slide
  • SJ0556 Chasing The Slide Inflatable Dry Slides For Sale
  • Inflatable Chasing The Slide
  • Chasing The Slide
  • SJ0556 Chasing The Slide Inflatable Dry Slides For Sale
  • Inflatable Chasing The Slide

    Chasing The Slide

  • MODEL:SJ0556
  • SIZE(M):16*10*5.4
  • SIZE(FT):52.5*32.8*17.7
  • PACKAGE(M):6.86CBM
  • WEIGHT:961KG


This slide is designed with two symmetrical inflatable slides and climb stairs, children climb up and slide down, then come out at another side, and climb up another slide and slide down back. Kids will loss in the fun adventure chasing each other endlessly in this entertaining inflatable game.

Length 16 meters, Width 10 meters, Height 5.4 meters

This unit comes with a powerful blower, top and bottom tie-down tether straps, anchors, durable packing bag, repair kit and glue, and manual instruction.

We fouces more on customized products to satisfy our customers' special needs. Sunjoy Inflatables have a big manufacturing factory over 12,000 ㎡ with more than 200 skilled workers, can modify all the inflatable products shapes, sizes, colors, artwork as your request. Send us your requirements or give us a call to discuss the details and pricing.

Sunjoy wet/dry slide is a spectacular way to combine fun and healthy activity, and will add value to any party rental or carnival event. With a plenty of colors, shapes and themes, our bouncer offer all ages endless amounts of aerobic activity. Especially our slides are made safe and secure with fire-resistant pvc tarpaulin making the inflatable bouncer safer, portable and more durable. Check the waterproof processing details for bouncer today!

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