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sunjoy inflatables team 1Team Introduction

"We open up the market by harmonious innovation and create a bright future through common endeavor". We have an outstanding management team with excellent expertise and rich experience, which is the key factor that keeps us top-ranked in the industry. The closely united management team members who share common career prospect and inspiration will take us to carve out new roads leading us to the peak of career and wealth.


sunjoy inflatables team 2Design Team

Guangzhou Sunjoy Inflatables Co., Ltd. gathers multi professional senior designers, who are not only experienced with international vision, but also full of creative ability and inspiration. The team develops outstanding designs based on specific requirements of customers and continuously launches attractive and genuine new products by digging the potential demand of customers. We will dedicate to developing more new products. The perfect combination of innovative design and popular elements will increase the appeal of our products and get us approval from our customers.


sunjoy inflatables team 3Production Team

"One-minute good performance on the stage takes ten years of hard practice", every good product has to go through many strict procedures from tailor, slicing, sewing to the final molding, which embodies the endeavors of the front-line employees who need to pay attention to both the overall result and each detail. With those front-line staff, we can do better and go further.


sunjoy inflatables team 4Sales Team

In order to change the operation mechanism and build win-win concepts, improve core competitiveness and foster the development of the company, it is required for us to offer mutual help, learn from each other and work in solidarity. No team is perfect without any flaw. But only if we make good use of our advantages and make up for our defects, we can improve the capacity of the whole team.