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Water Games
Inflatable Water Catapult Blob Jump Pillow With Steps SJ-WG18001
Water Blob Jump Pillow
Water Catapult Blob
Water Catapult Blob
Model: SJ-WG18001

Size(m): 7.55*2

Size(ft): 24.8*6.6

Package: 0.73CBM

Weight: 70KG


inflatable blob jump pillowwater blob jump pillow connectingwater blob jump pillow handlewater blob jump pillow valve
This water catapult blob jumping game consist of two parts, a giant inflatable pillow and an inflatable climbing step. Player climb up from the water, then jump onto the inner side of the pillow and catapult another player on the outer side of the pillow, the other player will fly into the sky and then drop into the water. How fun is that! This water game is so popular that you can see it at mostly water parks, and the better thing is that, you don't need to build a water park, this model is an independent water game for any lake or ocean, everyone should own one for the hot summer!

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