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Some Average Parameters of Bounce Houses
Time: 2019-12-02 15:37
What is the average size of a bounce house? How much does a commercial bounce house weight and how much weight can a bounce house hold? Let's find out!
When looking for high quality inflatable bounce houses for your new party rental business, you will see hundreds of colorful bouncy castles with different themes and sizes on the market. The most common question no doubt be "how much does a bounce house cost?" However, there are more questions you may want to ask before you actually buy a bounce house. And you usually don't get a definite answer unless you ask for a specific model. Before you decide which models of inflatable bouncers to buy, let's find out some average parameters of the bounce houses.
bounce house for kids birthday party

1. What is the average size of a bounce house?

In comparison to the themes and colors, how big is a bounce house is the key question that related to its price and capacity. From the manufacturers, you usually get an answer that all models can be customized into any size. Yes, we can make a larger inflatable jumper into a smaller size or a smaller moonwalk into a larger size, depends on your needs. On average, the standard size of a commercial grade bounce house is 15 x 15 feet, not 13 x 13 or 15 x 20 foot. There are many models are larger or smaller, but 15 x 15 foot is the average size of a bounce house that suitable for anyone of any age. This size of jumping castle can generally fit between 5 to 10 people.

2. How much does a bounce house weight?

As mentioned above, this question depends largely on the actual size of the bounce house. A commercial bouncy house can be very huge and its weight increases in lock step with the size. On average, most bounce houses that made of heavy-duty PVC or vinyl materials weight between 150 and 400 pounds. Of course you will find a lighter or heavier one. For example, a 12'x8'x8' jump house weights 130 lbs, a 10'x10'x10' bounce house weights about 160 lbs, a 22'x22'x18' moonwalk jumper weights 430 lbs. You can calculate the average weight from this contrast.

When it comes to bouncy castle with slide combo units. These models are usually larger and heavier than most simple bounce houses. Most inflatable combo units weight between 250 and 500 pounds on average. For example, a 26'x13'x14.5' inflatable combo weights around 350 lbs. These commercial inflatables are so heavy that you basically can't move it by yourself.

3. How much weight can a bounce house hold?

Evey bounce house comes with a safety label that indicates the minimum recommended age, maximum players, total weight limit, etc. These restrictions determine how many kids can play on it at the same time. Although different size of bounce houses have different weight limit specifications, as a general rule, a typically commercial bounce house can support 500 to 1,000 pounds (about 5 to 12 kids). Most bounce houses for rental can hold a total weight of 800 pounds or a maximum players of 8 kids, whichever you exceed first. For the safety of the children and your equipment, you should avoid exceeding 70% to 75% of that maximum limit.

Overall, the size and material type and fabric strength determine the weight of inflatable bouncer and its weight limit. That's why you should train your staff to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid surpassing safe operating limits. The above data are only average parameters for reference, knowing the specific parameters of your bounce house is critical to the safety of the children. Contact Sunjoy Inflatables today to get your party rental company a variety of attractive bouncing houses, inflatable water slides and interactive games.