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Inflatable AcroBag Safety Air Bag For Extreme Sports SJ-AB12001
Inflatable Pillowy Soft Air Bag
Inflatable AcroBag
Inflatable AcroBag
Model: SJ-AB12001

Size(m): 15*10*3.5

Size(ft): 49.2*32.8*11.5

Package: 3.75 CBM

Weight: 525KG

Blower: 2 SETS 2HP

inflatable acrobag top surfaceinflatable acrobag top anchorinflatable acrobag bottom anchorinflatable acrobag blower tubes

This inflatable AcroBag is a tool to help people safely landing from high air. A large pillowy soft air bag that’s safe for learning extreme sports skills. The inflatable AcroBag can help extreme athletes of all sports safely learn new skills in a controlled environment. It can reduce injuries while advancing athletic progression, such as the mountain bikers learning their first backflip, or Olympic ski and snowboard training.

Operations Warning:
1, Always set up the AcroBag on flat, even and level surface. Uneven AcroBag inflation is due to a bumpy or sloping AcroBag platform.
2, As per operations manual, visually inspect the complete AcroBag unit and setup before using.
3, In the event of a power failure, injure and or deflation stop the action immediately.
4, Do not inflate or use this inflatable without first verifying gas, water and electrical locations with local utility companies.
5, Maximum vertical public drop into the AcroBag: 10m / 33ft about the ground.
6, Maximum vertical professional drop into the AcroBag: 43m / 140ft above the ground.

Length: 49.2'/15 meters    Width: 32.8'/10 meters    Height: 11.5'/3.5 meters

0.9mm PVC tarpaulin

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