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Water & Roller Ball
SJ-ZB16013 3M Clear Zippered Entrance Water Zorb Ball
3M PVC Zipper Sealed Water Zorb Ball
3M Zippered Water Zorb Ball
3M Zippered Water Zorb Ball
Model: SJ-ZB16013

Size(m): 3M DIA

Size(ft): 9.9FT DIA



Blower: 1100W

3m sealed water zorb ball high quality zipper3m zipper water zorb ball blue handle3m zipper water zorb ball white PP cord

Zorbing is a fun and healthy sport which is getting more and more popular. Riders not only can zorbing down the hill, but also can zorbing on water. Double fun of zorb ball and water walking ball, very exciting for kids and adults. This water zorb ball is hermetically sealed structure, the entrance is a 1.1m high strength seal zipper. So riders can only play five to seven minutes every time. We can use PVC or TPU material as you want.

Material: 1.0mm PVC
Size: Outer Diameter: 3 meters Inter Diameter: 2 meter
Color: Transparent surface, black zipper, transparent cord lock and white stay cord, blue handles

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