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Water & Roller Ball
SJ-RB13014 3M PVC Inflatable Water Roller Ball Cheap Price
3M PVC Inflatable Water Roller Ball
3M Water Roller Ball Colorful Ring
3M Water Roller Ball Colorful Ring
Model: SJ-RB13014

Size(m): 3*3

Size(ft): 9.9*9.9

Package: 0.85

Weight: 119KG

Blower: 1100W

3m colorful water roller ball water wing3m colorful water roller ball entrance

This is a roller shape water walking ball, we call it water roller ball. Two colorful water wings on the both sides, and one clear inflatable roller in the middle for human get inside. The roller part structure of this water roller ball is like the zorb ball, two layers of PVC material fpr protection. With colorful or clear cord lock and stay cord inside the roller. People get into the water roller ball and waling around the water surface, like the water walking ball. But it's easiler to control than the water walking ball.

Material: 0.8mm PVC Tarpaulin
Size: Length: 9.9'/3 meters    Outer Dia: 9.9'/3 meters    Inner Dia: 6.6'/2 meters
Color: red, blue, green, yellow on both sides, transparent in middle

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