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How to Drain an Above Ground Pool
Time: 2019-05-23 13:55
For large steel frame or inflatable above ground swimming pools, you can drain the water out with an electric pump or a garden hose siphon, it’s a matter of preference, time, and equipment on-hand.
drain above ground pool with electric pumpThe portable swimming pools are very popular in hot summer, especially large inflatable swimming pool and steel frame pool for the whole family. You can easily create a fun backyard water park with an above ground pool at a cost-effective way to save money. As the large swimming pool owner, you want to keep the water in the pool until the end of the season, but sometimes you have to drain your pool's water completely due to some reasons like replacing the pool liner, relocate the pool or having too much algae in the water. If you want to protect your frame pool during the draining process, you may want to learn how to drain an above ground pool properly.

Choose Your Draining Method

Everyone knows how to empty the water in a pool, the stupidest way is to use a bucket to pour out the water, that's a lot of work! The two more common ways are choosing an electric pump or a garden hose siphon according to your preference, time and equipment on-hand.

1. Electric pool pump

An electric water pump can be used to pump water into your pool, of course can also be used to empty your pool. Choose a small submersible electric pump and submerge it in the center of your swimming pool, then you can choose a convenient area like the sewer location on your property for the pump's outlet hose to drain. Clean and dry your hands before you turn the electric pump on for safety, and make sure the water level in your pool is decreasing before you walk away, frequently check on the draining to avoid any flooding or equipment malfunctions. You should know that the electric pump will not drain out every inch of water from your above ground pool, so you need to turn if off once the water level is lower than your pump's intake hose. Maybe you want to use a bucket now.

2. Garden hose siphon

If you do not have an electric pump, you can use a simple garden hose to siphon the water out. Of course, this draining method will be much slower than an electric pump. The trick is always keep the outlet lower than the water level. To get the siphon going, some people used to use their mouth and actually suck on one end of the hose to create a suction and end up drinking dirty pool water. You don't need to do that! Submerge both ends of your hose into the pool water or attach it to the faucet to fill the hose with water completely, then take one end of the hose out of the pool and keep it low while other end submerged in the water. This method can basically drain all of the water out of your pool if you can place the outlet of the hose in an area that lower the bottom of your pool.

Remove the Remaining Water

Usually you will not drain the above ground frame pool 100% with the above two methods, there will be anywhere from 6-12 inches of standing water left at the bottom, as we said above, you can use a bucket or other containers to bail the remaining water out from your pool. Or you can open the drain plug on your pool and use a plastic broom to sweep out the last little bit of water toward the drain. Removing the liner from the pool's frame, flipping it over to dump the extra water onto the ground.

If you are removing the water to store your above ground swimming pool over the winter season, you need to use towels or a wet vac to completely dry the liner material before you fold it to prevent mold from forming. The process of draining and drying your movable swimming pool is straightforward, what you need to pay attention to is not to wash away the ground under your pool and cause damage to the frame or result in flooding. Sunjoy Inflatables offer custom size steel frame swimming pool and various inflatable pools, you can easily get an ideal inflatable water park solution to enjoy this hot summer!