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How to Clean and Dry Your Inflatable Water Slide?
Time: 2017-09-27 18:11
Some instructions on how to clean and dry your inflatable water slides to keep them in good condition for your party rental business.
When the party or event is over, you need to take down the inflatable water slide and put away. And the summertime is leaving, your inflatable water slides will not be used for a long time, they must be cleaned and dried to store, in order to prevent mold, mildew and odors. If you own an inflatable rental business, you should be more careful to maintain your inflatable water slides.

Someone might think that the inflatable water slide contact the water all day long, why it still need to be washed clean? We know that the inflatable water slide surface material is high quality PVC tarpaulin, waterproof, but they will get wet and become breeding grounds for mold and mildew. So we need to clean the inflatable water slides and dry them completely to make sure they are healthy for the riders.
how to clean and dry inflatable water slide

Cleaning inflatable water slide

Many people might think that the cleaning is very easy, but it's not. For a giant inflatable water slide, it has a large area need to be cleaned and plenty of work. First you need to set up the inflatable water slide on a flat and clean surface, or a large tarp surface, to prevent the bottom from getting dirty by the ground. Then remove the misting hose, liners and other detachable parts.

Use a garden hose to rinse off the inflatable slide surface, the slide lanes, stairs, protective walls and the bottom. You can use some dish soap solution or vinyl cleanser to clean the mud or dirt, continue flush off the soap with a hose until all visible areas are clean.

Drying inflatable water slide

Drain the water to empty the inflatable water slide and prevent the water from getting into the seams. Use the dry towels to wipe the wet corners and Velcro areas. Turn on the blower to expand the inflatable slide to its full size, and keep it in the expanded state to air dry the water drops. The slide liners can be cleaned and dried separately, and remember to flip the liner after it has dried for a few hours.

Disinfecting inflatable water slide

After the inflatable water slide has dried completely, you can use the antimicrobial preservative to spray all surfaces of the water slide, kill the germs and keep your inflatable water slide healthy. Put the liner and slide cover back together, and deflate the water slide, follow the package steps to roll them up and store.

Keep you inflatable water slides in good condition is very important to you party rental business. With the appropriate maintenance and careful use, your inflatables can last for many years and save you the cost of new inflatable equipment. Inflatable water slides are always popular with kids and adults at the outdoor events, best inflatable game for hot summer day at the backyard party. So check your inventory and make sure your have enough good condition inflatable water slides for rent. And sunjoy has various of fun inflatable water slides perfect for kids and adults of all ages. Contact us today to get a favorable offer.