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The Cost of Renting and Buying a Mechanical Bull
Time: 2018-05-16 16:11
Most people will ask how much to rent or buy a mechanical bull first, this article will tell you all the factors affect the price of a mechanical bull, whether renting or buying.
mechanical bull for saleHow much is a mechanical bull is the main question that people ask when they are interested in buying or renting a mechanical bull for their events. Usually you are hardly to find an exact price because because whether you're renting or buying, there are many costs involved in the quotation. This article will help you figure out how many factors to consider when you are buying or renting a mechanical bull.

How much to buy a mechanical bull?

Although this may be the first question that customers ask, as the inflatable equipment manufacturer, we can not answer it directly. We need more information about your specific requirements. So we will ask you back a few questions before quotation. For example, what's the size and power of this mechanical bull you need?

A complete mechanical bull consists of two parts, the inflatable mattress and the mechanical system. The inflatable part is affordable for most people, the price depends on its size and materials like other inflatable bouncers. The common inflatable floor for a mechanical bull can be round or square, with a price between $500 - $1500. You can even add an extra inflatable shade tent for your mechanical bull arena. The mechanical part of this inflatable rodeo bull is relatively expensive. It contains two parts, a bull simulator machine and a control console box. The price of this mechanical part ranges from $2000 to $15000, depends on the quality, power and brand of the machine.

Why is the price of the machine so expensive and different? That's because the machine can contain a lot of functions, such as auto stop system, LED time clock, movement and speed control, preset rodeo competition program, etc. The more functions, the high the price, the safer the mechanical bull equipment. When you are looking for a mechanical bull for sale, you not only need to ask the size and design of the inflatable mattress, but also the manufacturer, power and various functions of the bull riding machine.

How much to rent a mechanical bull?

Like rent a bounce house for your kids birthday party, you can easily rent a mechanical bull from the party rental company. The rental cost is also mainly depends on the time. Renting a mechanical bull from your local rental company, the rental price basically ranges from $100 to $350 per hour. You can usually get a package rental time for a mechanical bull, like 4 hours or 8 hours.

Why are the rental prices so different? In addition to different states, there are many factors involved in the rental price, such as the delivery distance, operator, insurance, overnight and others. Remember, the cheapest are not always the best. Sometimes the cost isn't all that matters, the safety always first! So you should ask for more information before you make your decision to rent a mechanical bull.

The most important thing you need to ask is whether insurance is included in the rental fee. The insurance of the mechanical bull is a must for your event. If you encounter a mechanical bull quote that seems much lower than the others, then this mechanical bull may has no insurance. Never rent a mechanical bull without an insurance. When it comes to contract time, you may see added insurance fees and taxes that should have been presented to you upfront in the original mechanical bull price quoted. Therefore, figure out whether the rental price includes insurance before place your order.

When you are selecting the best mechanical bull rental company, you should ask them more questions to see if they are the best choice for you. Here are a list of some important questions:
1. Does this company have insurance on their mechanical bull and how much? Ask for an insurance certificate if necessary.
2. Have their mechanical been certified for your state and can they provide you with a proof?
3. What kind of mechanical bull do they provide? Does the mechanical bull has automatic shut off function, soft horns and padded head?
4. Does the inflatable landing pad with a wall and at least 10 feet in diameter?
5. Is an experienced operator included in the price? Is the operator well trained enough to control the difficulty of the bull according to the level of the player?
6. Where is the company located? Is the delivery fee included in the quote?

Listen to the answers and don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you need to. In fact, the price doesn't mean everything. You must take everything into consideration when planning a party or event with a mechanical bull. An easy way for novices to learn the cost of renting or buying a mechanical bull is that ask more suppliers and compare. If you have any questions about our quotation, don't hesitate to contact us, we will give you a detailed answer.