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How Inflatables Cost Less to Advertise Your New Store?

Date: September-01 2017

giant hand air dancer advertisingIf you are going to open a new store, whether it is a restaurant or a shopping store, you should advertise during the opening period. The first few weeks are critical to your success. You want to attract new customers and get a good first impression, so that people are interested in the products you offer and will continue to come back with family and friends. You need to find an affordable way to attract the attention of passers-by, so that they want to stop at your store and come in. The most effective way is to use advertising inflatables. You can set up a variety of inflatables outside your new store to attract people and draw them in. Sunjoy Inflatables can provide a variety of customized advertising inflatables for your new store with affordable price.

Inflatable Shape

If you have a unique logo or an identifiable name associated with your new store, we can create an inflatable shape for you. You can choose to make a huge version of your store's logo, set up in the parking lot or right outside the door, so that it can attract people's attention anytime and anywhere.

Inflatable Arches

Every new store opening will have a grand opening event, you can use the huge inflatable arches to welcome people on the opening day. When people go to the front door, they will walk through the advertising arches and will see your store's name and logo printed arches. Children and adults will be excited to enter your new store through the ornate arches and be the first to enjoy your service.

Air Dancer

The air dancer might be the least expensive advertising inflatables. You can capture the attention of people walking or driving by with the colorful air dancers set up outside your new store. They dancing in the wind with a blower like a real man. With the funny dancing moves the air dancer can immediately catch people's eyes nearby, and make them want to take a look at your new store.

Inflatable Tent

If you have an open space outside your store, you can use huge inflatable tents for advertising. The inflatable tent can be printed with the name or logo of your store, and people will see your information when they stop or get through your inflatable tent. They might be attracted and want to go into your shop to walk around.

Inflatable Slide and Castle

If you want to attract the attention of the children, may wish to try the fun inflatable slide or inflatable castle. This giant inflatable toy can attract a large number of kids and adults, your store name and logo can be clearly printed on the inflatable slide or castle, when the parents and children having fun, they want to know who provides a wonderful time for them. And then they want to come into your store and have a look.

Get cost-effective advertising inflatables from Sunjoy

Sunjoy Inflatables offers many types of customized advertising inflatables, such as air dancer, inflatable arches, inflatable billboards, inflatable movie screen and custom inflatable shapes, perfect for a new store opening or company promotional activities. You can attract new customers, engage them excitedly join in the activities, make a good first impression for your new store, and tell all their relatives and friends. Contact Sunjoy Inflatables to order a custom advertising inflatable today, we can provide you an ideal advertising inflatable solution according to your store location and the actual situation. Save your money to buy inflatables from China factory.
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