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More Things Need To Know Before Start Party Rental Business

Date: September-04 2017

sunjoy inflatable bounce houses for saleMany people choose to start their own inflatable rental business because it's a perfect way to earn good income while having fun. And as a boss, you can't make a decision as your pleases without any preparation. You may know how to find your customers and best inflatables supplier, but it's not enough for the success of your business. You should make more preparations to avoid thrown into confusion.

1, You Will Need a License to Start Your Party Rental Business
Any business requires a business license. Remember to get a license before you start the inflatable rental business. You need to check your state and local laws to find out what types of license and permit you need for your legal business. You need to check whether your legal status and place of business are in line with local law requirements and make sure that you are running a legitimate business rather than illegal.

2, Delivery Must Be On Time
As an inflatables rental provider, you need to ensure that your client's party can start normally. So you need to know the exact time of the party's start, and calculate the time spent on the delivery, and also need solutions for unexpected obstacles on the way, such as traffic jams, have a flat tire and so on. Must be sure to deliver on time without any problems. You can call the customer on the earlier day of the party, and confirm the delivery time and address once again to make sure the business is going well.

3, Tell Your Customers The Safety Rules
Safety is always top priority, so you need to tell your customer the safety rules clearly. Such as what and who are allowed on the inflatables. The hard objects such as jewelry, keys, knives, drinks, shoes, etc., are not allow to carry with players inside the inflatable castle and jumping house, because these things can damage the vinyl material of the inflatable bounce houses. If an inflatable house is pierced or torn, it may start to deflate and collapse, which is very dangerous for children and other players because they will be trapped inside and hard to breathe. Every inflatable product has its own weight limit and number limit of children, you should ask your customer how many kids will play inside and help the customer to choose the suitable bounce house for the party.

4, Make Sure The Bounce Houses Are Safe Enough For Kids to Play Inside
You should check the weather first, and if it's rainy, windy or too hot, you should tell the customer to cancel the party or throw it on another perfect day. The best place for inflatables is the grass, because it is the easiest place to anchor a bounce house or inflatable slide steadily to against the sudden gusts. If the party is not on the grass, you can use a large number of sandbags or water buckets or rocks to stabilize and fix the inflatable jumper. You should set up the inflatable castle for your customer and check for potential problems before leaving. And ask the parents to pay close attention to the children in case of any accidents.

5, Power Outage Handling
Because the bouncing house needs to be inflated by the blower, you need electricity around the party for the blower to plug and work. In the best case, a spare exit for a bouncy house will greatly reduce the dangerousness of power outages. If there is no electricity around, like the customer throw a party in the park or a large outdoor playground, you will need to bring a generator for the customer.

Besides, you should have a perfect contract for your customers to sign, and other disclaimer and insurance papers. Try to figure out all things may happen and make a solution for the case. The more details you consider, the more satisfaction you will get from customers. Sunjoy Inflatables MFG will always stand by you for your party rental business.
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