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Summer Parties' Most Playful Inflatables

Date: September-11 2017

inflatable castle with water slide comboSummer is coming to an end soon, which means there are not much time for you to plan some crazy parities and events. So we should seize the last opportunity to join the carnival, picnic and backyard party with families and friends, enjoy the pleasant time together and have fun.

If you are running a party rental business associated with inflatable, and you want to attract as many customers as possible during the last days of the summer, then you need to provide more and more interesting inflatable games. You can encourage people to throw the summer night parties, beach frenzy parties, pool wet parties, etc., and provide them with a variety of inflatable water slides and water floats. Keep your inflatables as many as possible with bright colors and fun themes to suit different age groups, both kids and adults.

Inflatable Wet Slides

Getting wet is the perfect way to beat the hot summer while having fun. The fun inflatable water slides are great for summer parties and events, and the Slip N Slide with inflatable pool. Both kids and adults love to get wet and slip on the inflatable slide or slip lane and get into the pool at the end. The inflatable products are portable and easy to set up, people can create an inflatable water park in their backyard easily, including the water slide, slip and slide, inflatable pool, bounce house and so on.

Inflatable Castle With Water Slide

In order to entertain the small kids and toddlers, parents can set up a safe bounce house for them while they are enjoying the water games. The inflatable combo features both inflatable bounce house and inflatable slide, or other inflatable sport games. Double fun for kids than the simple bouncy castle in summer. They can also enjoy the fun water after they get enough with bouncing. It's very popular for young children, you can provides a series of castle theme bounce house slide combos for the kids' parties and carnivals, keep the small boys and girls entertained before the weather is cooler.

Inflatable Water Games

Kids and adults may go to the beach or lakeside and enjoy the water games. You can offer various of inflatable games and pool floats to attract new customers. Such as the inflatable trampoline, inflatable Saturn rocker, water seesaw, water climbing wall, inflatable banana boat, etc.. All the inflatable water games are more challenging, they can play with friends and compete against each other.

Purchase New Inflatables For Summer Parties

There are not many days left for summer now, so be quick to get ready for the last summer fling. If you want to succeed in your inflatable rental business, you should be proactive to make sure you have enough inflatables to appeal young people. Purchase new design inflatable bounce houses, inflatable combos, water slides, water games and water parks in Sunjoy. You will get fast delivery and quality guarantee for your business.
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