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Unique Indoor Inflatable Obstacle Courses From Sunjoy

Date: September-13 2017

Inflatable obstacle courses are getting more and more popular at the crazy parties and corporate team building days. People are looking for the perfect ways to attract guests join in the game. Inflatable obstacle course combines the inflatable tops and sport games, can promote a sense of friendly competition. Not just fun, but also challenging.

If you are the party rentals supplier, you should not ignore the inflatable obstacle courses. The fun inflatable obstacles can allow the racers run, crawl, climb, slide, squeeze through and so on, run to the finish line as fast as they can to beat the opponents. Providing the inflatable obstacle courses can help you attract more business, such as the company's employee activities, school sports days, family days, etc. Take a look at Sunjoy latest indoor inflatable obstacle courses.

Two Players Inflatable Obstacle Courses

two players inflatable obstacle courseThis two players inflatable obstacle course is a comprehensive inflatable game, the bright colors and safe height may look easy for you, but it's not. This is a challenging race for adults. The participants need to get into the venue by across the inflatable wall with human shape interspace, then run through the inflatable pillars and climb up the wall to slide down. Climb or jump over the inflatable wall to face another slide. Then they can crawl through the tunnels to the finish line. It's very enjoyable and challenging inflatable game for indoor and outdoor play.

Tunnels Challenge Inflatable Obstacle Course

This is single element inflatable obstacle course. Just tunnels without any other obstacles, no climb wall, no slides. Racers need to crawl from start to the end. The difficulty is that they need to face the long, small and dark tunnel alone. The tunnels are not straight, they can be curved and disconnected. Once the competitors get in the tunnel, they must finish the race to get out, no turning back. It's quite a challenging game for people who afraid of the dark space.

Wrecking Ball Inflatable Obstacle Course

The wrecking ball inflatable obstacle course is extremely challenging for people. It has three lanes allows three people to challenge this obstacle course. The left and the right lane are the same, contestants need to jump and jump and jump over all the obstacles to the end, then turn back to jump over again. But the middle lane is different, more difficult for the contestants, they not only need to jump over the obstacle, but also need to avoid the wrecking balls hanging in the air. They can choose to push away the wrecking ball and get through quickly before it comes back, or swing the wrecking ball to stop the contestants on the left and right lane. It's a more competitive and fun sport game.

All these inflatable obstacle courses are not complicated, you can use indoor or outdoor, or use them to combine a large obstacle course. Sunjoy Inflatables have more interesting inflatable obstacle courses for sale, feature with various of inflatable obstacles and challenges, you can also customize the unique inflatable obstacle course according to your needs. Buy our cheap inflatable obstacle courses to attract new customers, offers your clients competitive fun with their friends, workmates and families. Perfect inflatable challenges for parties and events. Contact Sunjoy to leave your requests today.
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