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Pay Attention to These Features When Ordering Inflatables
Time: 2017-09-25 17:48
Some tips on what to look for when you ordering inflatable products for you inflatable rental business.
There are many manufacturers and suppers of inflatable products all over the world. The inflatable bouncy castles, water slides, water games, obstacle courses and interactive sport games are very popular for people who want to have fun with inflatables. You can see various of inflatables in the children's birthday parties, carnivals, trade shows, shopping malls or corporate team building events. The inflatable toys are fun, portable, easy to set up and take down, and most importantly, inexpensive. So the inflatable rental business is very profitable.

Start your own inflatable rental business is a very good way to make money and enjoy the happy life. Before you find your first customer, you need to order the top quality inflatables as your inventory offering to your target customers. If you are the beginner in the inflatable industry, you need to learn more about the inflatable products and pay attention to the key features when purchasing the inflatable bounce houses, inflatable slides, inflatable obstacle courses, inflatable games, etc.
sunjoy inflatable bounce house

Commercial Grade Materials and Craftsmanship

In many cases, the price represents the quality. But relatively speaking, in the same manufacturer, better material means higher price. Many factories use the PVC materials, but you must get the details clearly. You should choose the inflatables that are made with commercial grade PVC materials, flame retardant and lead free. And you should also ask the craftsmanship about the product details, whether it's durable. If the inflatable bouncy house get damaged, you will need to spend money to repair it. So durable inflatables can make your more money in the rental business. Ask the supplier more questions about the materials, craftsmanship, and warranty before you make an order.

The Safety Feature

The safety always first in your business. You must ensure your customers will not get hurt while playing your inflatables. Many of your customers are throwing birthday parties for their children, you have to be more concerned about the children safety because they are easier to get hurt when the unexpected happens. You should send strong safety requirements to your inflatables supplier, all your inflatable bounce houses or slides should have strong anchoring system and ballast connections to prevent the sudden gust of wind, and emergency exit, safety mesh, safety walls, etc. Make a safety test after you receiving the inflatables. The trustworthy manufacturer will rich experience in the product safety design.

Portable and Convenient

In general, the inflatable equipment are lightweight and easy to set up and take down. So keep this in mind when selecting your inflatable bouncers. You are running the inflatable rental business, you will need to set up the inflatables for your customers, and move to another place. Easy to set up and take down means high efficiency, and easy to pack and transport will make your job more easier. Saving time is saving money. So ask the supplier for strong packing bag, and rational design for the inflate and deflate.

Make Sunjoy Your Inflatables Supplier

Sunjoy manufacture high quality inflatables since 2007, we have a variety of inflatable bounce houses and party inflatables for sale, and offering the professional custom service for customers all over the world. All our inflatables are made of superior quality PVC materials with advanced safety design, easy to set up and transport. We also provides the durable storage bag and powerful blower for each product. Any special requirements can be satisfied. Contact Sunjoy to order your top quality and unique inflatables for your inflatable rental business today.