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Bouncy House Party Fun Games For Kids
Time: 2017-11-24 18:06
Three creative games to play in the inflatable bounce house, make the birthday party more playful and perfect.
kids bouncy house with spiderman themeWithout the bouncy house, a birthday party would be not complete or perfect. The kids are waiting for their birthday parties for a year, and what would they feel if you tell them there is no bouncy house at the party? Make sure you can rent a bounce house at that day if you don't want to disappoint you child. The large inflatable in the backyard will bring a great time for all children, they can entertain themselves with lots of active games. Here are some exciting suggestions for enjoyable games to play in the bounce house at the party.

Red Light, Green Light

The “Red Light, Green Light” is an very old game for kids, some children may not have heard of it, but the fun will not decrease. It's more playful in a bouncy house. Due to the limited space, you can use bouncing instead of running. First everyone jumping freely, when someone shouts "red light", then everyone must stop jumping or moving, after the shouting "green light", the crazy jumping can start again. If someone breaks the rule, other kids can ask him / her to bounce like a frog or a kangaroo to make everyone laugh. Or he / she must quit the game to let another kid attend. The kid with longest time wins the game and everyone have fun!

Musical Freeze Jumping

This game is very similar to the above “Red Light, Green Light” game. But it needs to play music instead of the shouts. When the music is playing, all children can jumping or laughing in any way they like, but whenever the music stops, everyone needs to freeze. If you can not stop your moves in time, you will be eliminated from the game. When the music resumes, the jumping begins again. Keep starting and stopping the music until only one player remains. The winner get the honor. This game can be played in the special designed disco dome, it's very suitable for singing and dancing. And it can be equipped with inside sound and light systems.

Capture the Flag

This is a confrontation game, all players need to be divided into four teams evenly, and each team has their corner and team flag of different colors. Every team member also needs to wear a streamer in the team's color. When the game begins, all kids must try to grab the streamers and flags of the opposing teams, and be careful to protect your own streamer. If your streamer is captured, you will have to leave the inflatable bounce house. A team wins by capturing the most streamers and flags. The game needs a larger space to play, so that kids can escape and chase for fun.

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