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Throw A Frozen Themed Party For Your Kids In Winter
Time: 2018-02-02 13:49
It's very nice for parents to plan a Frozen themed birthday party for their kids in winter, kids love the Frozen story and bounce house, so the Frozen bouncy castle is perfect for their birthday party.
Frozen bouncy castleNow it is still a very cold season, and many places even have heavy snow, so the children can be happy to have fun with friends outside. They can make snowmen, have a snowball fight, skiing, skating and so on. As the parents of a lively child, if you are planning a birthday party for your kid, why not bring the winter wonderland to them with a Frozen themed bounce house party? Kids love the fairy tale story and Disney princess cartoon, satisfy the child's fantasy by bring ice and snow elements from this heartwarming story into your party.

The story of Frozen takes place in winter, so it's easy for you to decorate the party environment. You can make a big snowman with your child in your backyard if it snows lately. Use the carrot, briquettes and twigs to build your own Olaf snowman as a special guest at your party. Then buy more party decoration from your local craft store to help arrange your party venue. For example, use white and blue balloons, the silver streamers to make your house more like the Frozen fairytale.

The next thing you should prepare is the foods. Try to make some Frozen themed foods, for example, you can still offer the kids some delicious ice creams even though it's cold winter. Use a large dollop of marshmallows to pretend the snow. Of course, a big custom birthday cake with Frozen characters decoration is essential. In addition to the foods and drinks, kids invited to the party can dress their favorite Frozen costumes, and don't forget to prepare a special one for your birthday kid.

The most important part is renting a Frozen themed bounce house. This theme is so popular that you can easily find many different designs at your local inflatable rental company. According to your actual situation, you should determine where you want to set up this inflatable bouncer, indoors or outdoors? We suggest that you can choose a castle design to respond to the Frozen theme. Such as our 5-in-1 Frozen Bouncy Castle combo unit. Kids can bounce around freely, have a race game with friends at the obstacles, climb up the ice wall and slide down, or play a basketball game with the indoor basketball hoop. With this safe and fun Frozen bouncy castle, parents can "let it go" and kids will enjoy themselves.

Children are fascinated when they get into this Frozen world of fun. With strong netting walls and windows, parents can keep an eye on their kids all the time from outside. Don't forget the safety while having fun! Sunjoy Inflatables are dedicated to provide top quality inflatable bouncers to the final users, no matter you are planning a great event or running a party rental business, we have various of bounce houses, slides, combos, obstacle courses for you.