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Repair The Common Damage of Bounce House
Time: 2018-03-09 14:29
As the costly commercial bounce houses owner, when you find a damage or tear on the inflatable, you should try to repair it not just retire it.
ball sports bounce house comboIf you own an inflatable bounce house and use it from time to time, then the inflatable over time will show signs of wear and tear in some way. the wear and tear can be caused by many reasons, such as over use, misuse, unmaintained, etc. Many common damages can be easily repaired, you don't have to throw it away. That's why we attach a repair kit to each inflatable. Here is a list of most common damages and repairs so that you can do it by yourself.

1, Blown Baffles

The baffles are used to give shapes or direct the air, usually on the floor of bounce house or the slide lane of inflatable slide. This damage is very common, mostly due to the material tearing or loose stitching. You can easily see a hump on the bounce house where the baffle has given way.

Repair the baffle

The most important thing is to find a way to get to the baffle location, sometimes you may need to disassemble the bounce house to gain entrance to the torn area. Check the torn area if the material has been torn or just loose stitching, then you can complete the stitching or sewing a sturdy patch. You may ask the manufacturer for a structure drawing so that you can sew the baffle back together with the inflatable.

2, Seam Tears

This common damage is usually found on the stressed areas of a bounce house, such as the side walls or slide areas. After a lot of use, a torn seam can be caused by material and stitching loose. It's small at first, but over time it will be apparent, and the bounce house is no longer safe for kids. Once you find a tear on the bounce house, you much repair it like the above baffles.

3, Window Tears

The window tear is another common damage on the side walls of a bounce house, usually a strong mesh. Children like to grab to hold on to while jumping in the bounce house. The material has come apart from the tear so that children can stick their hands through the hole which is very dangerous. If you fins a window tear you need to replace the entire window to repair it. Take apart the torn window material and sew a new window on to the place.

4, Velcro and Zipper Broken

Over time the Velcro and zippers may be broken, so you need to replace them to repair the bounce house. This job is not easy, because both are sewn into the material by original manufacturer, you need to remove them first. Be careful, there is a line of stitching that runs down each side, when remove the thread there will be tiny holes left in the PVC tarpaulin, you can cover the original stitch with glue, new Velcro and zippers much be placed over the exact position and the stitching begins.

5, Common Surface Tears

This kinds of tears are most common that can be repaired by the attached repair kits. You can find the spare patches made from the same material and glue. When you find a tear or a hole, cut a square or round patch just large enough to cove the tear completely. Place the glue around the entire area, then cover the patch onto the area immediately. Apply pressure onto the area to reassure sealing.

There are many common repairs that are seen in inflatables. Some are just common simple repairs then there are some that require professional attention. For small jobs it’s ok to do yourself, but for the majority of repairs, its best to let the professionals handle the task. You can ask for help from your nearest inflatable dealer if manufacturer is too far away.