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Electric Blower For Your Inflatable Bounce House
Time: 2018-03-14 11:48
The inflatable bounce house blower introduction and handling of the common problems. If you need more blowers, please let me know while you making an inflatables purchase.
bounce house blowerThe blower is an additional kit for your bounce house, the inflatable bouncers are using blowers to keep inflated and safe to jump. Without the blower, your inflatable can not work properly. Usually, the blowers are sold with the inflatable bounce house if you needed. However, with a course of time, your blower for bounce house can accidentally break or wear out. The delivery fee is too high to buy a new blower from your China inflatable supplier, so you may ant to buy from your local stores. As the owner of commercial bouncers, you may want to learn some things about the bounce house blowers.

There are two major types of electric blowers suitable for the inflatable bounce house on the market. Both of them have extension cords of different lengths so that you can connect to your power outlet. And the blower should connect to the inflatable tube of the bounce house.

The residential bounce house blower

This type of blowers are usually smaller with lower power. They look like tiny yellow fans with different sizes, have 60 Hz of power and can generate from 480 to 950 W. So they are used to blow the residential bounce houses and other small inflatables. You don't need a huge blower for the residential bounce house.

The commercial bounce house blower

This type of blowers are much more powerful than the residential blower, they can generate more than 950 W to blow the heavy-duty inflatables. Look like seashell, usually used for blowing large bounce houses and water slides.

According to your type of inflatables, you may know which type of blower you will need. And now let's see what are the common problems would occur to your bounce house blowers.

The blower does not run after it is plugged in

If your blower doesn't start pumping air when you turn it on, then you may need to check your power supply, if the power supply is OK, then maybe the blower is broken. Try another blower or try another power supply to identify where the problem is.

The blower runs slowly

If you find your blower running very slow after you turn it on, you may need to check your blower motor or switch. If the blower is all OK, then check the power cord. The broken power cord may cause this problem and you need to replace it.

The blower produces scratching noise

If you find your blower sounds unnaturally, you should turn it off immediately and check the blower wheel. If the blower wheel is broken, you need to remove it.

Pool air flow

The potential reason for poor air flow is dusty air inlets. To avoid this problem, clean the air inlets regularly.

The blower trips a circuit breaker

If the blower causes problems with a circuit breaker, maybe, the problem is too long extension cord. The maximum length should be 100 ft.

Overall, the blowers are depending on the inflatable bouncers you have. If you have large inflatable obstacle course or giant water slide, then you will need more than one powerful blowers. The larger the inflatable, the more the blowers. Follow the instructions to set up your inflatables and blowers to keep safe. More questions about the bounce house blower, please don't hesitate to contact sunjoy for help.