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How to Use Simple Bounce House Properly
Time: 2018-04-20 15:37
As an inflatable rental business owner, you should do some homework in this industry before you buy your commercial inflatables, for example, know the safety rules of the most common 13x13 bounce house.
13x13 bounce houseNowadays, the inflatable rental business is very booming all over the world, so more and more people are joining in this industry. In some places, the competition in the inflatable rental market was already very steep. On the one hand, the good competition can help the entire rental industry maintain a better reputation, on the other hand, there are a few irresponsible rental companies emerged and provide a bad experience to the customers.

Most of the inflatable rental companies are doing business seriously, they pay much attention to the safety and provide  a wide range of inflatables, this can help their clients getting a positive experience when renting bounce houses for their parties and events. But some of the newly opened rental companies only have a very limited amount of inflatables, without much experience and the safety issue was not considered well enough. Their behavior has caused great confusion in this industry.

For example, about the 13x13 bounce house capacity. Someone says according to the specification, the 13x13 bounce house can hold approximately 10 kids, so they let 10 kids go in this bounce house and jump together. This is a common mistake for the beginners. If you have done the homework of the inflatable business, you will know that though a 13x13 commercial bounce house can hold 10 kids, but all ten of them can not bounce safely since the space is limited.Kids will not just standing at their positions and jump up and down, there will be no fun. They need more room to bounce around and fall down safely without getting hurt. So, when you are renting out a 13x13 commercial jumper at the party, remember to allow only 5-6 kids to enter at the same time.

Another misconception is that even the adults can use 13x13 commercial bounce houses. For the commercial grade moonwalks, the most common and simple 13x13 bounce houses are designed for children only. Even the adults can walk into the bouncer, but they should not jumping if you don't want to damage the inflatable. There are a lot of inflatable jumpers are specifically designed for adults on the market, they are much bigger and stronger, reinforced structure and thicker bounce floor to the support adult weight.

For this type of inflatable bouncers, can be used by both kids and adult, but not at the same time. Because it can be dangerous for the kids. A much heavier adult jump high and fall off to bounce the kids in the air. In extreme cases the kids will fly over and out of the bounce house then get serious injury. In addition, at a crazy party, under the influence of alcohol, some adults may land on the children while bouncing and cause accidents. There are more potential dangerous for users of different size to bounce together. As the bounce house owner, you have the responsibility to require all users to enforce the safety rules.

If you are a new newcomer and want to start your own inflatable rental business, we suggest you to learn more about the safety of bounce house and other inflatables. The customers are likely to try something new every year, so you should buy more different inflatable bouncers to make your business attractive and profitable. More questions about the bounce house please don't hesitate to contact us, ask the manufacturer for solutions!