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Inflatable Boats Buying Guides
Time: 2018-07-18 11:55
Before you buy your own inflatable boats, you should read this article and find out what are RIBs(rigid inflatable boats) and how to select the most suitable inflatable boat for your needs.
RIB inflatable boatThe inflatable boat is a great investment for people who likes water sports, it can provide the users a wonderful experience. Owning your own inflatable boat, and you can head out on the water anytime you like. Wouldn't it be nice if you can enjoy an early morning fishing on your own inflatable boat? Some modern inflatable boats can even hold multiple people so that you can enjoy a river travel with friends at weekends. Then how to buy the best inflatable boat?

The advantages of inflatable boats:

1. Inflatable boats can be used in a variety of water conditions. You can use your inflatable boat in a calm lake, a river or even the sea. Although they are not the special ocean boats, but they can still handle the rough surf near shorelines.

2. Inflatable boats are durable and more safe. We can see that an inflatable boat hull is inflated by air, but what we can't see is that inside the inflatable bull there are 3-6 or more separate air chambers. The thick PVC material provides strong puncture resistance and collision resistance to protect the vessel, and even if one air chamber get punctured, the other chambers will still keep the boat afloat.

3. Inflatable boats are versatile. Since they can be used in a lot of water bodies, so that they can meet almost all your needs, recreational or even professional needs. They can not only be used for fishing, floating, tubing and other leisure activities, but also be used for water rescue, water monitoring or even water law enforcement.

Design differences of inflatable boats:

1. Rigid floor Vs Air floor. Some inflatable boats are called RIB, the rigid inflatable boats. Because they have a hard deck that works with the inflatable hull. this skeleton provides the inflatable boat more durability and stability. The hard floor can be Aluminum or wooden. And air floor provides the users a soft deck and reduce the weight of the vessel, more portable.

2. Hypalon Vs PVC. Hypalon material is more robust and heavier than PVC. You can see most of the inflatable ocean boats are made of Hypalon, therefore, if you need a heavy-duty professional inflatable boat, choose Hypalon. But this does not mean that PVC is not good. The top quality PVC material is also very strong, and it's more affordable and lightweight than the Hypalon. If you just want a good inflatable boat for your recreational use, the PVC inflatable boats are your best choice.

3. With or without outboard motor. Most of the inflatable boats offer the basic accessories, include oars, repair kit, seats, carrying bags and a pump. But some rigid inflatable boats have a special outboard motor design at the end. These motored inflatable boats are usually larger and heavier with greater transportation capacity, and you will need a trailer to carry the vessel. But some portable inflatable boats can be rolled up after deflation, so that you can pack it into your vehicle truck.

How to choose the right inflatable boat?

This question is not hard, depending on your needs. How often will you use the inflatable boat and what activities are you going to use it for? A lake fishing boat is different from a bay exploring boat. Do you need an engine drive? Sometimes you may want to drive fast on the river, choose an inflatable boat with an outboard motor design. And how many people will use this inflatable boat? The inflatable boats are designed with a limit number of users. The regular RIBs can accommodate 4-8 people and some inflatable kayaks can only hold 1-2 users.

A cheap air floor inflatable boat is very convenient, you can take it for camping to enjoy the lake without needing to bring along the trailer, however a rigid inflatable boat can provide you the traditional boating experience. All the PVC inflatable boats are relatively affordable, easy to maintain and allow you to do any water activities you want. Set your budget first and choose the best inflatable boat with available features that you and your family will enjoy using.

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