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Security Advice For Inflatable Rental Business Owners
Time: 2018-08-13 13:59
Some useful security tips help you keep your money and inflatable equipment safe when operating your own inflatable rental business.
When you start your own inflatable rental business, the first thing you might consider is to keep your customers safe. But if you are running your own business for the first time, we must remind you to pay attention to your assets security. That means you not only need to make sure your inflatables are safe for use, but also make sure they won't be stolen under your nose. Some beginners are very careless about their equipment, and the loss of bounce houses could be catastrophic to the feature of your business. So you should pay attention to this kind of crime and keep your inflatable and equipment safe.
commercial inflatables with custom logo

Keep Your Rental Inflatables Safe

You must pay attention to the fake bookings while running your rental business. Some criminals make a booking normally, and everything seems in order when you deliver, but when you comes to collect your inflatables at the end of the day, there's nobody around and your bouncy castles have disappeared. You must be vigilant and prevent this from happening to you.

1. Print your business logo and contact information on your inflatables

If your inflatable bouncers have the eye-catching branding printed on them, they will be less likely to be stolen and resold. Most scammers may feel that removing your unique branding is too much trouble, so this may be a simple and useful way to dissuade criminals. In addition, with your business logo on it, the inflatable jumper itself can advertise your business during every party and event. Nowadays, have your own logo and business information printing on the inflatables are very simple from the manufacturers.

2. Verify every customer's information

When you conform the booking, you can ask the customer to provide their contact information, includes their social security number, driver's licenses or passport number, and their address, phone numbers. Be aware that criminals will not provide you their real address and ID proof, they usually give you their uncertified email or fake phone numbers. So don't trust those who can't provide a real address and proof of identity. And sometimes you can visit them in advance to pretend to measure their backyard if you can't find their information in the local records.

3. Share information about potential scams in your local industry forum

When you start you inflatable rental business, it's recommended to join in a related social circle to keep you communicate with other people who do the same business. Once you are scammed, you can share as much information about the crime as possible with other businesses so they know who to look out for. And you should also pay attention to the same kind of information to avoid being scammed again.

Keep Your Stock Safe

Losing one inflatable may not hurt your business, but losing the entire stock is a disaster for your business. So you must take its security seriously. You should keep all your inflatables in a secure storage facility, and don't leave any inflatable bouncy castles in your vehicle overnight. In addition, when you are marketing your business on the Internet, share your postal address and other contact information only, keep your stock at a separate address and don't share this information. You won't want the thieves to know where you keep your inventory.

Other Advice

1. Purchase an insurance for all your property

Insurance is very important to business. Although you may have public liability insurance for the accidents and some kind of theft insurance for your vehicle, you should also get your valuable inflatables insured against theft and other criminal acts. And don't forget to report all the crimes against your business to the police. If you don't do this, you may even invalidate your insurance.

2. Avoid cash-in-hand business

If you don't want to get the attention of criminals, you should try to avoid cash transactions as much as possible. If you charge cash in your business, you should transfer money to your account immediately. Set up an online booking system for your inflatable rental website, so that you will be able to receive money up-front and avoid running the risk of having large sums of money held in insecure places.

Keep your money and inflatables securely is a prerequisite for business success, anyone who want to start a bouncy castle business should take it seriously. You should communicate more with your competitors and learn the best security tips. More question about the inflatables you can come to sunjoy and we will help provide you a perfect solution with our jumping castles, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, zorb balls, boxing rings, paintball arenas, mechanical bulls and other interactive games.