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How To Avoid Common Bouncy Castle Business Mistakes
Time: 2018-08-10 14:20
Start an inflatable rental business is easy, but it takes effort if you want to succeed. This article tells you several helpful tips to avoid making mistakes when running your rental business.
commercial bouncy house for rentalStarting a bouncy castles rental business is so exciting and lucrative. More and more young people who are tired of their daily office work are preparing to enter this industry, they want free working hours and to be the boss of themselves. However, not everyone can make a success without getting their lessons. The 10 common mistakes are the lessons that people have before. If you are planning to run your own inflatable rental business, avoid the pitfalls and learn from the mistakes to make sure your company can be a success. But as the profession inflatable manufacturer and supplier, we want to see our partners to be better prepared and grow your amusement business without any unnecessary hassle or hardship.

1. Avoid the cheapest purchase.

In the capital society, there are many pitfalls like the cheapest price or the top quality in the market. When you are making a purchase for your new inflatable rental business, remember that cheapest is not always best. For your inflatable equipment, you must be aware of buying the commercial grade not the residential because you are running a rental business. The quality of a bouncy castle must be good enough to meet the needs of frequent use.

Secondly, never buy second-hand inflatables for your business. Don't think that you spent a few hundred dollars to buy two or more used bounce houses is a good investment. The cheap and used inflatables are usually junks, you will have to patch up and fix the tears and holes before you can use them. Furthermore, no parents and children will choose a bouncy house that looks dirty and scruffy, you can't even charge a reasonable rent from these low quality used inflatables. Think like this, if you have a bounce house that becomes old and broken, will you throw it away? No, you will resell it on the Internet! That's where most of the second-hand inflatables come from.

2. Avoid being afraid of asking for help.

For beginners, the quickest way to start their new bounce house rental business is to ask for help. However, some people are just afraid to trouble others. Here we are talking about the people you can ask for help are not just your friends, relatives and local experts, but also your competitors. You should try to build a relationship with other businesses in your area. So that someday when you get too many bookings and you can not deliver them in one day, perhaps you can consider pass one off to a competitor rather than simply turning the customer away. Not only can help you establish a reputation, someday you will also find that they will pass some of the bookings to you too.

3. Keep research all the times.

Before you start your rental business, of course you need to research your market first. But the market may change so you need to keep up with industry leader. Take some time to do your research to find out what types of inflatables children like recently and what the market is offering, know what the better competitors are doing. Then you will know how to catch up with the gap with competitors. If you do your homework of your targeted rental areas, you should make a note of every community center, school, local authority, playgroup and learning center, and contact them to let them know who you are and what you offer.

4. Don't be afraid of investing in high-valve inflatables.

I can understand that you might want to start with small rental orders by investing in a few small bounce houses, and then expand your inventory when making enough profit. This can't be said to be wrong. But your competitors are already offering these high-valve and high-profit inflatable units to the customers, you will be left in the dust if you don't catch up as soon as possible. Buy one or several bigger inflatable bouncers for your party rental business, the combo units with slides are very popular and a good choice for start-up rentals.

5. Allocate your income appropriately.

When you finally start your bouncy castle business and get the first month's income, don't be too excited and spend all the money. You should make an appropriate plan to spend the month every month. In addition to set some aside for tax and some more for maintenance and emergencies, you should spend most of them on improving your business. For example, inverting in a few more popular larger bouncy castles and obstacle courses to catch up with your competitors.

When your inflatable rental business officially begins, you will need to put more time and effort into marketing, handing out some leaflets and business cards everywhere. How far your business can go depends on how serious you take it. Now, why not take some time to browse our newest inflatable jumpers and choose some of them for your rental business?