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Inflatable Mechanical Bull Safe Operation Tips
Time: 2018-12-27 14:01
When your operators running a mechanical bull, make sure they operating with safety in mind first, then the enjoyment of the crowd.
With the development of technology, mechanical bulls are designed and built with more and more safety. Many bounce house rental companies also offer the mechanical bull ride for parties and events, and a lot of bars have a mechanical bull for entertaining customers. No matter indoors and outdoors, winter or summer, the mechanical bull inflatable equipment is one of the best amusement attractions at virtually any type of event! The only question is how the operator can ensure that every ride is safe. For the mechanical bull business owners, you need to train your operator before you can run this amusement machine.
operating mechanical bull business

According to our many years of experience, some common mechanical bull operation mistakes are as follows:

1. Operator does not stop the drunken person from riding the bull.
2. Operator does not stop two people ride the bull together.
3. Operator lets other other untrained people operate the mechanical bull.
4. Operator follow the crowds wish to spin the rider faster and faster.
5. Operator playing to the crowds as opposed to watching the rider.

The above mistakes can cause accidents, and that's why a well trained operator is so important for mechanical bull business. Although many companies can get a training manual from the mechanical bull manufacturer, but the real problem is that they can not always pass the information correctly onto their operator employees. Some mistakes that are common sense for insiders are a normal way to attract and entertain customers for them. Therefore, you must let your operators understand and follow the safety rules to operate the mechanical bulls correctly.

1. Intoxicated person should never ride a mechanical bull

People usually drinks at parties or in the bars, and after they get drunk, they will want to play some games for fun. The mechanical bull seems a challenging game for them. As operator, don't think that it would be easy refusing to let an intoxicated person ride the bull. They will argue with you, states they have their last drink a few hours ago. Even if you tell them they can be impaired in anyway, there will be people who doesn't care about safety or feel confident that they will not be hurt. In this case, the operator must be tough and refuse them to ride the mechanical bull. You must let your operators know that they have full support when they refuse someone a ride for the rider's safety.

2. Two riders should never ride a mechanical bull at the same time

On many occasions such as a child's birthday party, you may encounter some parents asking to ride the mechanical bull with their children. This happens a lot, there always will be some kids who want to ride but are afraid to try it by themselves. As a professional operator, it's your responsibility to keep the riders safe. So you should never let a parent and a child to ride together, it's dangerous!

3. Operator should never let a friend to run the bull

It just has to be stressed again and again to your operators and spectators that no one is allowed to operate the mechanical bull except the trained operator. Some operators may let a friend to operate the bull when they need to go to the restroom, don't do that! If you need to take a break, you must lock the control cabinet and take the key with you or ask another operator to help you on duty for a while.

4. Operator should always call the shots, not the crowd

Operators should understand that pleasing the crowd is one of the easiest ways to have an accident. A few years ago, a little girl gymnasts was riding a mechanical bull and she looked very good at it. The grandparents were cheering her on and telling the operator increase the speed of the bull. The operator did what they said. However, she flew over the bull head and bumped her chin. Not a serious accident but you can see what can happen when an operator listens to the crowd. Therefore, you should realize the power of the crowd and make sure your operators are strong-willed and won't be driven to follow the crowd's desire. The mechanical bull should always be operated with safety in mind first!

The above are some important tips you need to follow if you want to run your mechanical business successful and safe. Operator training is a top priority! Good rules is the best way to prevent accidents from happening. If you are ready to operate your mechanical bull business safely, contact Sunjoy Inflatables to buy your new inflatable rodeo bulls today!