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Best Inflatable Paintball Bunker Field Solution From Sunjoy
Time: 2019-04-11 13:37
Air filled bunkers are the most popular and effective equipment for commercial paintball fields, the entire customized inflatable paintball arena can also help marketing your business.
inflatable paintball field for saleMany people like to play paintball with their friends, they go to the local commercial paintball arenas or take part in some professional competitions to enjoy the all terrain speedball field with various bunkers. However, have you ever thought about building your own paintball field? This is not difficult, all you need to do is set up some large bunkers on a large field for players to hide behind and pull off some strategies to make the game more fun and competitive.

You can use old abandoned cars, stacked barrels, hay bails, a pile of logs, rock outcroppings, garbage cans and other natural bunkers in the woods behind your house. But if you want a fast and cheap set up just like the top competitions use, inflatable bunkers are the way to go. Most commercial paintball fields are using inflatable air bunkers, and they are easy and convenient enough for any individual to use.

Sunjoy Inflatables is a professional manufacturer to help customers create specialized and customized inflatable paintball field to incorporate the fun and excitement of paintball into your business. You don't need to worry about the permanent and expensive outdoor area of the traditional paintball arena anymore, a portable and easy set up inflatable paintball field can offer you a better option to meet your unique business and marketing needs.

Let's take a look at the different kinds of inflatable paintball field.

1. An open playing field with a variety of air bunkers and obstacles.
2. An enclosed field with inflatable bunkers and net walls.
3. A series of interconnected, inflatable rooms.
4. An inflatable paintball maze for added thrills and excitement.

Every paintball arena comes with a variety of different shaped and sizes air filled bunkers, the placement and combination for creative team strategies are up to you. The various shapes of air bunkers are designed to mimic real world artifacts & structures, include shapes like the snake, dorito, partial walls, stacked barrels, entire vehicles such as tanks, planes & trucks, forts, temple, X-bunker, dollhouse with three faces and two bases, etc. Players can practice specific moves around them for professional athletic precision. You don't have to pick every bunker by yourself, our designers will work with you to create the perfect paintball field according to your competitive and portable requirements.

Since this inflatable paintball arena is customized, you can give your field a specific theme or designate a certain type of playing environment, and it will be designed to maximize the visibility of your brand including your logo and colors. Sunjoy Inflatables is known for high quality, durable and safe bounce houses and water parks, we use the same standards on inflatable paintball bunkers to incorporate the long-lasting materials with the following key manufacturing features:

1. Tubular Support Structure
2. Balanced Pressurization
3. Multi-Environment Anchoring (a weighted base with either sand or water, d-rings on the edges)
4. Air Sealed Construction
5. Easy to Set Up, Take Down and Transport
6. Arrangement the Playing Court of Any Complexity

The inflatable paintball field with air bunkers are transportable and easy to use, you can secure them to the ground or not to make an unpredictable fun. Buying one air bunkers plus the shipping costs may not be that cost-effective, but if you purchase an entire field, the price can be very reasonable. If you're setting up a commercial speedball field, contact us for a quote and we will give you the lowest price possible. A perfect inflatable paintball solution for you!