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How to Use Paintball Bunkers
Time: 2019-06-13 13:46
If you'd like to play a paintball or speedball game, you can build your own paintball field with homemade materials or portable air bunkers.
When talking about paintball or speedball games, most people only have the experience playing at the commercial paintball ranges, less of us have the experience of building a paintball field ourselves. If you are going to construct your own unique paintball field this summer, you need to prepare various of paintball bunkers. There are two kinds of bunkers you can use: the homemade kind and the inflatable kind that you can buy online. Let's talk about how to use these two kinds of materials to build a wonderful laser tag field.
inflatable bunkers field for speedball

1. Homemade paintball bunkers

Some professional players want to enjoy the complete fun of paintball game by designing the field using bunkers that have been created from scratch. We can use any materials found in life to construct the various homemade paint ball bunkers. For example, these bunkers can be constructed from scrap tires, barrels, plywood, logs, mounds of dirt, piles of sandbags, corrugated cardboard, old garbage cans and large recycling containers. If you want to build a more permanent paintball field, you can also use old car parts, old holding tanks, wooden logs or even large rocks to construct the bunkers.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the bunkers should be large enough to cover a player. And no matter how tempting it is, never use any kind of hut, tree fort or playground equipment as a paintball bunker. The bunkers for paintball or speedball are intended to be played around and not inside or through. You should hide behind the bunkers not walk inside or climb on top of them.

For an old plastic or wooden playground slide, some people may think this is a great bunker because they can shoot from high point, however, the ladder and ramp can trap the player and there is also the risk of ambush from other players as well as falls from the top of the structure. For a fort and playhouse or a similar protective structure, this bunker gives the player a false sense of security and they forget that they are fighting a battle. Some of them are tempted to take the goggles off and clean them, this can be very dangerous because another player can blast them with paintball from the window.

These homemade bunkers are attractive, cheap and study, however, one disadvantage is that these paintball bunkers are not that portable and you have to do a lot of work just to play one game of speedball or hyperball.

2. Inflatable paintball bunkers

Inflatable bunkers have become more and more popular in recent years. They are specific designed for portability to allow you to design and construct a paint ball field in any location. There are many sets of inflatable paintball bunkers for sale on the Internet and at retail stores, you can also custom a unique inflatable paintball field with different bunkers, the price for each air bunker runs from about $20 to $100 according to the designs. Another advantage of inflatable bunkers is that you can keep the paintball game more interesting by constantly changing the course. That is, you buy one se inflatable bunkers, you get a variety of paintball fields.

When buying inflatable paintball bunkers from the manufacturer, you can not only choose any bunkers you want, but also customize your company's logo printing to advertise your business in a paintball game. Nowadays, the inflatable bunkers are versatile, portable, durable and affordable, suitable for individual and commercial use. If you are looking for some incredible paintball bunkers for your game or event, please contact Sunjoy Inflatables to day to get an ideal solution.