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Fun Games to Play with Bumper Balls
Time: 2019-10-14 13:56
7 of the great ideas to play with inflatable bubble balls. Buy giant bumper balls to make your guests at the party excited and entertained.
Bumper balls are also called bubble balls, inflatable balls, inflatable bubble suits, half inflatable balls, bubble football, etc. Human can get their upper body insider this bumper ball just like wearing a bubble suit, and then bump, fall and roll with safe protection. They are incredibly fun, exciting and hilarious. Both kids and adults can enjoy this bubble ball game. Let's see how many games you can play with an inflatable bubble ball.
bubble ball games for kids

1. Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer or bubble football is the most popular game to play with bumper balls. You can play this game with no matter how many players you can find. Just divided into two teams and start playing like regular soccer/football game. In this game, you will be bumped very often, so follow the bubble soccer safety rules to protect yourself. The different team should wear different colors of bubble balls to help each other distinguish the players and the team they're playing for. You don't necessary have to follow the rules of regular football, you can even make your own rules to play this fun game.

2. Bubble Fighting

How can a bumper balls game without fighting between players? They were designed to bump and bounce with protection! You can create a combat arena for this game and it can be a one-on-one fight or mix-up fight. Participants wear their bubble ball suits and enter the arena, with the court of 3 they start to knock off other players. The game progresses until only one player is left within the arena, who is announced as the winner. Don't you think this game is the perfect addition for your next party?

3. Bubble Bowling

Bowling is very popular all over the world. We can understand a human bowling game with the giant zorb balls, but how to play with a half bubble ball? Don't worry, it's also very easy and fun. You will need an inflatable lane and six inflatable bowling pins with a height of about six foot. Wear the bubble ball suit and then run towards the six bowling pins, throw yourself into the triangle of the pins to knock as many down as possible. If you can know down all of them at one time, you get a strike. It's also fun to roll around after knocking down the inflated bowling pins.

4. Bubble Ball Team Rolling Race

This is not a game that you wear a bubble suit and run to the finish line. In this game, you need to set up the start line and finish line first, then divide the participants into groups. Each group pick out two players to race as a team. One player get into the bubble ball and be rolled by the other player to the finish line, then the other player get into the ball and is rolled back to the start line. The cycle is continued until every member within the group has participated. The group that finished the first is the winner.

5. Bubble Ball Somersault Race

As we all know, you can easily make a somersault with a giant bouncing ball on your head. So it's fun to play a somersault game with inflatable bumper balls. All players are lined up at the start line and do forward somersaults to the finish line with the bubble balls on their head, and then do backward somersaults to get back. The first one to strive and finish wins.

6. Bubble Ball Ninja Crawl

This bubble ball games is a little similar to the Leaps N Bounds. All inflatable bubble balls are lined up on the ground to form two lines that are adjacent to each other. Two players crawl on top of the inflatable balls and try to get through their line. You will have to strive not to roll down the bubble ball when crawling and finish the line first to be the winner. This game looks tricky but absolutely fun and competitive.

7. Bubble Bump Old School

This is a competitive game for all participants in their bubble ball to catch a small squishy ball. In this game, we have a facilitator who will be throwing the small ball in the air for all players to catch. Since the player's hands are trapped in the bubble suit, so they have to catch the small ball through the opening on top of their head. However, other players will not watch you to catch the squishy ball so easy. You'll have to be careful not to be knocked down by other players when trying to catch the small ball. The first person who manages to catch the squishy ball without getting bumped down is the winner.


From the above games we can say that bumper ball is a great form of team building games and can be a perfect addition of company events and activities. Once you have tried one of the bubble ball games, you will love this giant bubble suit. Get in touch with Sunjoy Inflatables to custom your own inflatable bumper balls wholesale for different teams.