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Safety Rules for Bubble Soccer Game
Time: 2019-10-07 13:55
How to play the bubble soccer game safely with an inflatable bumper ball? The useful tips for you to keep yourself and other players safe while playing bubble football.
playing bubble soccer gameWe know that an inflatable bubble ball can be used to play so many fun games such as bumper game and bubble soccer game. The giant bubble ball was invented to protect the player when bumping and falling. It's quite for both kids and adults, suitable for all ages. However, if you want to enjoy all fun bumper ball games safely, you need to continue reading to learn more about the safety tips of bubble soccer game.

1. Always fall on your bubble ball

Most of the fun to play a bubble football game is falling, so you need to be prepared for frequent falls during the game. You and your opponents will try to score the winning goal and thus the bumping and falling is coming. The giant bubble ball was designed to cushion your body from the shocks and impacts so that you can have fun without afraid of bumping with your opponents. All you need to do is focus your fall on the bubble ball instead of falling on your knees.

2. Make sure the venue is safe

In addition to the bumping and falling, rolling is also a fun part of the bubble soccer games. The inflatable bubble balls are designed in a circular shape to enable you to enjoy the thrill of rolling. Therefore, you should check your venue before starting the game to ensure that there are no obstacles in the ground that may hurt you. Sharp objects like rocks or debris could hurt you and damage your bubble ball.

3. Keep your eyes on other players

In any games, if you do not focus on other players' movements, than accidents are bound to happen. In this fun bubble soccer game, collisions and falls will be more often. To avoid incidents, you should always keep your eyes on the moves of others to enable you to move out of harm's way. If you are trying to attack or running for the ball, make sure you are prepared for the impact without injuries.

4. Keep the children at a safe enough distance

Although older kids can team up with their parents to play bubble soccer games, it's not recommended for young children. They are not old enough to protect themselves in such sport games. So you not only need to ban the 5-year-olds from playing, but also keep them at a safe enough distance to avoid them rushing into the venue and cause an irreparable injury. A babysitter throughout the entire game would be nice.

5. Stand up as soon as possible after falling

During this bubble soccer game, once you are knocked down, you should stand up promptly and be prepared for impact again. Do not stay down for long otherwise other players may step on you and broke your legs, which are not covered by your bubble ball. And if you see a fallen player on your way, you should give them space to toll, turn and rise up again. Making contact with the fallen players could cause you off balance and cause a chain of injuries.

6. Avoid unnecessary collisions

As a beginner, you may be excited about these collisions and bounces. However, to protect yourself and other players, you should avoid any forceful and unnecessary contacts. Unless you are reaching out for the ball, you don't need to knock off the players who are not focused on your movements. Also, you should avoid launch yourself into the air like a rocket, this could result in collisions that may hurt yourself or others.

7. Remember to carry the first aid kits

Carrying a first aid kit with you to the ground ensures that in case of an injury, you are quick to respond. You can also designate an individual with first aid training to accompany you.

8. Fasten your shoes

If you have a wild idea of playing bubble soccer game barefoot, think twice. Everyone should wear a pair of suitable shoes to protect their feet in such an intense game. And you should check again if you fasten your shoes before the game so as not to be tripped over.

Follow the above safety rules of the bubble soccer game to protect yourself and other players while seeking fun. Buy the beautiful and custom inflatable bubble soccer balls wholesale from sunjoy inflatables. More great interactive sport games please contact us!