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Make Your Party Exciting With Inflatable Games
Time: 2017-12-20 16:25
Fun and unique inflatable games suitable for a great summer party, sunjoy is the one-stop supplier to offer various of inflatables for your party rental business.
Party is a fun hour for everybody, no matter there is summer or winter, when we want to have fun, we have a party! The bounce houses and inflatable games are very popular at all parties, so if you want to make your party more unique and exciting, you may need to learn about how many wonderful inflatables are suitable for your party. At Sunjoy Inflatables, you can find the newest and most complete inflatable products for any parties and events. Today we recommend you several interactive games and obstacle courses for your outdoor party to make everyone have fun in the sun.

Friendly fighting

If most of your friends are teenagers and adults, you may want to inspire some friendly competition at the party. The gladiator joust game, inflatable boxing ring and inflatable sumo wrestling are the best choice. Usually two participants wear protective suits or funny inflatable suits, then standing in the inflatable ring and against each other like a real fighting game. They may wear a pair of over-sized inflatable boxing gloves, or take a huge inflatable jousting stick, or dress up like a ultra fat boy. These inflatable tools not only to protect the players, but also make this game more funny and enjoyable. The teenager boys will be very happy to fight each other without anybody gets hurt.

Silly activity

The velcro wall is the most distinctive interactive game in all inflatables. If you rent an inflatable velcro wall game at your party, I'm pretty sure it will cause a lot of laughs. The velcro wall inflatable is like a climbing wall without climbing blocks but a velcro wall surface. Players wear a special velcro suit first, then run to the wall and bounce as high as you can and stick yourself to the sticky wall. Your velcro suit will stop your body on the velcro wall, then you can make a funny pose and waiting your friends to take a picture. You can also compete with your friends and see who can bounce higher. This velcro wall game is much more than the climbing wall, suitable for both kids and adults, perfect for youth parties.

inflatable booth camp challengeBooth camp challenge

This large booth camp challenge inflatable obstacle course is very suitable for the outdoor events in summer like the summer camp activity. But it's more fun and challenging. All participants must use all strength and skills to complete the challenge. It's not for kids. Players need to climb through obstacle tunnels, jump off the blocks, swing through the river, climbing up tall mountain and slide down the rush lane, etc. All challenges are like the real military training. Your energetic friends will love this inflatable obstacle course and have a great time at your party.

We also provides a lot of water inflatable games for your parties and events. If you are a party rental business owner, now it's time for you to replenish the stock of inflatables. Order now and receive the inflatables in the next month, still have sufficient time to prepare yourself for the hot party season. For Sunjoy Inflatables, no one is too young or too old to have a great time at the next big summer bash. Contact us today and start to plan great party for your customers!