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How to Take Down A Bounce House
Time: 2017-12-22 16:56
Professional packaging steps for large commercial inflatables, take down your bounce house and put it away in the right way.
inflatable packagingFor inflatable rental company, they need to set up and take down the inflatables everyday. Follow the right steps to deflate and put away a bounce house can make the job easier and save your time!

1, Check the inflatable first. Before deflating, walk in the inflatable bounce house and check for any damages and anything left. The start to clean the inflatable and pack up the removable accessories such as climb and climb cover, ropes, harnesses, etc. Make sure there is no shape objects have fallen into the inflatable seams.

2, Disconnect the large inflatables such as the water slide and the slip n slide, packing all the inflatable parts separately.

3, Turn off the power, package the blower and wire. Then start to deflate the inflatable unit. Unhook the strap of the blower tubes, open blower ports/flaps and unzip the deflation zipper, open all the deflation holes to allow air to escape quickly.

4, After the inflatable bounce house fall down, remove the anchored stakes and untied the ropes, pack them up.

5, Pull out the blower tube, and then walk on the inflatable to squeeze out the remaining air through the blower tube.

6, Make the inflatable unit neatly and then fold the PVC materials toward the middle, walk around the unit to remove air.

7, According to the size of this inflatable unit, you may need to fold the sides toward the middle several times, walk around as the last step to squeeze out as much air as you can.

8, Make sure there is no excessive air and then lay the blower tubes on the top. The you can roll this inflatable unit from the front side to the tube side, like rolling a sleeping bag. If it's too heavy for you, you can do it with your workmates. Make sure to roll it tightly, someone can walk on the roll in front of you to keep it flattened. You will finish the rolling at the blower tubes.

9, Keep the blower tubes on the outside and then slide the straps under the rolled inflatable unit and pull tight, then tie it up firmly.

10, Fold up the ground cover tarp, put it with the other tools.

11, Open your strong storage bag, and put the rolled inflatable unit into the bottom of the storage bag, work it down as far as you can to make rooms for other accessories. Package everything and make sure there are no omissions.

12, Tie the storage bag and then use a hand truck to transport the inflatable unit. Check again there is nothing left behind and then you can leave. Keep the storage bag in a dry place until it's rented out again.

If you package the bounce house well, your maintenance will be much easier. Anyway, a professional packaging will leave a professional impression, good for your inflatable rental business. Whether you need the commercial bounce house and other inflatables with strong storage bags, Sunjoy Inflatables can always meet your needs. Feel free to contact us today!