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How to Build Your Inflatable Obstacle Course 5K?
Time: 2018-01-05 16:14
The inflatable obstacle course 5k the a great activity to build relationship with your community, read this post and learn how to create your own 5k race with sunjoy inflatable obstacle courses.
inflatable obstacle course new designA 5k obstacle race is a perfect activity for many organizations, no matter you want to create your company's brand awareness, develop a new market, or raise money for charity, the 5k inflatable obstacle course will attract a lot of people. Indeed, use the 5k obstacle race to reach out to the crowd is more and more popular for for-profit or non-profit organizations. If you want to start your own 5k inflatable obstacle race for your organization's purpose, then you must find a better way to stand out from a lot of other competitors.

How to start creating your unique 5k inflatable obstacle course?

Firstly you need to understand that an inflatable 5k is not a standard 5k race, the inflatable 5k is set up with a series of fun inflatable obstacle courses, suitable for adults and kids of all ages. Participants are well-protected, so they can enjoy the fun and excitement of the challenging games. It's not like the mud run or other dangerous extreme obstacle course races, but more fun and playful than the traditional 5k. So the creation of an inflatable 5k race is the process of combining a series of inflatable obstacle courses that include different levels of challenges, to suit a wide range of ages and physical abilities.

Then how to choose the right obstacle courses for your 5k race? Your inflatable 5k race should be as large as possible, it's best to include 8 to 12 inflatable obstacles, and participants need to climb, jump, crawl, squeeze, keep balance, run and slide, etc. to finish the obstacle course. Each inflatable is well-designed to present different level of challenges to the participants. If you have no idea, we can custom the entire obstacle course for you. You can use your imagination as much as possible, and incorporate low and high levels of challenges so that it's fun for everyone.

And where to set up your inflatable 5k obstacle course? You don't actually need five kilometers of runway to build your 5k race. What you need is to find a large and flat space, such as the school playground, large parking lot, etc. The inflatable obstacle courses can be connected one by one, and the runway is not a straight line, make full use of the space. We recommend that you determine the space area first, and then decide how large the inflatable obstacle course you can set up.
custom inflatable obstacle course

In your activity site, in addition to the inflatable 5k obstacle course, you can also set up some bounce houses and slides for those people who choose not to participate in the 5k race. If you are planning your own 5k obstacle course, Sunjoy Inflatables will work closely with you to create a perfect solution for you. All extreme inflatable obstacle courses can be customized according to your requests, and make sure you understand the required space for the inflatable 5k race. After you receive the inflatables, we will also help you set up and combine all the obstacle course equipment, and make sure you can run your inflatable 5k obstacle course safely and successfully!