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Most Entertaining Inflatable Water Slides From Sunjoy
Time: 2018-01-24 14:54
Four fun and playful inflatable water slides recommend to you, suitable for kids and adults in hot summer, from your backyard to pool to the beach.
There is no doubt that inflatable water slide is a very wonderful toy for kids, but it's not only for children. Adults who want to enjoy a good water splash can visit the water parks with their kids to get full water slide experience. With portable inflatable water slides, they don't need to go out to get the water slide fun and just need to plan a water slide party in the backyard. The giant inflatable water slides are usually designed for both, kids and adults. If you would like to have a few hours of fun, you can get an adventurous inflatable water slide from Sunjoy Inflatables or rent it from your local party supply rental company for a reasonable price! Today, we introduce you several most entertaining inflatable water slides for kids and adults.

1, Fire N Ice Double Lane Water Slide

This 21ft fire n ice inflatable water slide is one of the most popular water slides for your backyard. This inflatable toy will bring you and your family hours of fun and water splashes. Kids first climb up the left side stair to the top, then slide through the 21 feet curved lane and get into a small water pool at the bottom. If you have an inground swimming pool, you can remove the splash pool and place this inflatable slide next to the swimming pool, so that you and your kids can rush down to your swimming pool directly.

2, Big Kahuna Inflatable Water Slide

This double lane design big Kahuna water slide is very cool for any summer party, you and your guests will be very excited to slide down from the 20 feet high slide and getting the feet and body splashed by water. Dual lane means two kids can race at one time. The bottom splash pools are designed with bumper walls makes it very safe. You know what, you can also get the single lane design Kahuna water slide from Sunjoy if you don't have a large enough space in your backyard.

3, Triple Lane Rainbow Water Slide
triple lane rainbow inflatable water slide
Throw a swimming pool party for your kids and their friends with this 23 feet triple lane rainbow water slide. It's special designed for large swimming pools. Three lanes half-round design, like a colorful rainbow. Kids climb up on the left lanes and slide down on the right lanes, they can choose different lanes to enjoy different height of the slide. With a big inflatable pool or frame pool, you can create a wonderful water park for all your friends and can even rent it to others. This triple lane rainbow water slide at sunjoy can be customized for above ground pool or inground pool use.

4, 44FT Big Hippo Water Slide

Are you ready for hot summer days? This big hippo inflatable water slide has an 44 feet height and a super long slip n slide with a splash pool. It creates a high speed for the riders when slide down from the top, bring a very extreme water fun and adventurous feeling for bold adults. It's too big so that it may not suitable for your backyard, you can set it up in an amusement park or at the bench, and invite as many friends as you can to challenge this super hippo water slide.

These are the most entertaining inflatable water slides we recommend to you. Make your summer party a memorable time by getting one of them, buy it from Sunjoy or rent it from your local inflatable rental company. Don't forget to take a lot of pictures while you and your kids have fun!