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7 Things To Consider Before Renting A Bounce House
Time: 2018-05-11 15:36
Rent an inflatable bouncer for the kids birthday party may not as easy as you think, this article lists 7 considerations for you before you choosing bounce houses from the rental company.
renting a bounce house for the kidsA bounce house is a most great part of small kids birthday party. The huge size of inflatable to play inside, bouncing around freely, colorful and cartoon character theme, fun obstacle games, all these elements can be a sure source of joy for kids of all ages. For parents, they will usually rent a bounce house for their child's birthday every year. This article is about seven essential things to consider before you make your decision to rent the party inflatable bouncer, to avoid some unnecessary setbacks that might otherwise occur.

1. Consider the weather on the day of the party.

We can see that mostly inflatable bounce houses are used outdoors, so the weather must be considered because inflatable structures can not be used in strong winds or bad weather for safety. And if you do not anchor the inflatable on the ground firmly then you probably can see the bounce house blown away. Even if it's a sunny day, you should also consider the sunburn. You can choose a bounce house with sun shade from the rental company, or you can just choose a bounce house with water slide. Do not let the weather to ruin the fun of the kids.

2. Consider where you want to place the bounce house.

The ideal location for you to set up an inflatable jumper is your backyard or garage. The place must be large enough so that you can have extra space around the bouncer for safety. The surface should be flat without stones or debris. And it should be close enough to your power source. In addition, if you rent a water slide or a combo unit with water slide, then you should also the location near a water source.

3. Consider how big a bounce house you need.

The bounce houses come in different sizes and shapes. You should know which size of a bounce house is perfect for your kids birthday party. You should consider how many kids will play inside this bounce house. And for different sizes of the kids, sizes of bounce houses should be different too. In my opinion, the bigger the bounce house the better. Because bigger size would provide more fun for the kids, and the stability is better, not easy to be blown away by strong winds.

4. Consider the age restrictions of bounce house.

How young is too young for the kids to play with bounce house? For safety reasons, small kids under 3 years old are not recommended to play in the bounce house. And for bigger kids, the number of kids jumping at the same time should not exceed the weight restrictions of the bounce house. As an adult supervisor, you should also not let children of different ages and sizes bouncing together. Divide the kids into different age groups and let them take turns to jump around.

5. More than one supervisors.

Supervision makes the bounce house party more safe and fun. So the parents should keep an eye on the kids at all times. If you have invited other parents and kids to your party, you can ask other parents to supervise the bounce house with you. Not only the kids take turns to have fun, parents can also take turns to have a break.

6. Consider you budget.

The cost is always the most important thing to consider when renting a bounce house. How much money will you spend to rent a bounce house for the party? And under this budget, you can choose the bounce house as bigger as you can. No need to waste time to wonder which inflatable is the best to choose.

7. Communicate with the rental company.

When renting a bounce house you should talk to the rental company carefully. Tall them all the information about your party so that they can help you select the best bounce house. And ask them for the safety rules and usage considerations, so that you can make sure all the kids will have fun with the bounce house safely. In addition, you should know more the details about your rental contract, such as the insurance, default clause and so on.

If you have more questions about renting a bounce house, please read the article "Nine Questions For Choosing Bounce House Rental Company" or contact Sunjoy Inflatables directly.