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How to Inflate Your Towable Tube Properly
Time: 2018-06-27 13:39
Proper inflation of towable tube can not only provide you a good and safe experience on the water, but also help protect your investment on the inflatable water toys.
towable inflatable flying fishIn the towable water games, the common inflatables include banana boats, flying fish boats, other water tubes. These towable water sports are very exciting and cool for both kids and adults. You can enjoy a fun summer day in the ocean or a lake. Although the inflatable water toys and boats are so enjoyable for your family, it's very important to make sure your inflatable units are properly inflated before you head out on the water. You don't want to stop to inspect the performance of your inflatable tube when you are having fun, or even worse, a safety issue. Therefore, for a good experience and overall safety, you must inflate your towable water tube and use it correctly as manufacturer recommended.

Important things you should know when using inflatable water tubes:

1. You will see no wrinkles on the inflatable surface of your towable tube after it's fully inflated, if you still find wrinkles, keep inflating.

2. How can you tell the air pressure of towable tube is good for use? Stand on the inflatable tube and if you sink in less than an inch, then the air pressure is good and you can stop inflating.

3. Though the inflatable tubes are portable, you will still need to bring a good pump. Even the strongest man with a healthiest lung can not be able to blow up the entire tube to an ideal pressure with mouth.

A good electric pump is perfect, at least a hand pump is must needed. When you are purchasing a new inflatable towable tube or water toy, you should ask whether an electric pump or a hand pump is included, or how much pressure is required to keep your inflatable tube nice and firm.

4. Always bring a hand pump with you on the water. Because you never know when your inflatable tube will lose air. So it's necessary to check your tube pressure at intervals after you head out on the water for a while. If you feel your towable tube a little soft, stop and take a minute to top off with your hand pump.

An under-inflated tube will cause many problems. For example, the air inside will be displaced when you sit on the tube, and you floating tube will be more lower in the water, which puts more stress on the tube, cover, rope and even your boat, the added stress may cause tube material to tear and ropes to stretch. So keeping your inflatable tube fully inflated is not just good for safety and water experience, it's also a good way to protect your inflatables.

5. Pay attention to the hot sun. When you get off the boat for the day, you may plan to take a break under the umbrella and prepare a barbecue. This is a great idea but don't forget to take care your inflatable tube first. The towable tube is highly inflated and may be expanded if you leave it under the hot sun for a period of time. The correct approach is release the air first and place it in the shade. In addition, keep your inflatables away from the direct sunlight can also protect the material from degradation and makes it last longer.

To cool off the summer, bring your kids with a towable water tube and head out on the water is a great idea. Now you know hot to inflate it correctly, but don't forget to wear a life jacket at all times when having fun on the water. Sunjoy Inflatables provides a variety inflatable water toys and boats, you can buy top quality banana boats, flying manta rays, flying fish boats, custom towable tubes, floating loungers, swimming tubes, etc.