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Cleaning And Maintenance of Inflatable Swimming Pool
Time: 2018-06-25 13:39
How to keep your inflatable swimming pool water clean and healthy for your kids, enjoy summertime fun with a good inflatable pool in the backyard.
inflatable water pool cleaningIn order to have a great time in hot summer, many families are purchasing a large inflatable swimming pool for their backyards. The blow up water pools are so simple and affordable that they became more and more popular. Although the inflatable pools do nor require construction like other permanent in-ground pools, the proper cleaning and maintenance are required to make sure that the pool is comfortable and safe to swim in for both kids and adults. At least you would love to keep the water looking crystal-clear. Reading the following maintenance tips to help you keeping your inflatable swimming pool clean, healthy and safe.

1. Why it's necessary to clean and maintain your inflatable pool

Most people understand that a pool of stagnant water is very easy to breed bacteria, especially when your inflatable swimming pools were set up outdoors under the sun. Your water will turn green in a few days and you can feel slippery on the pool walls. Well, such a pool of water with microorganisms is unhealthy and unpleasant for swimming. In addition, if you do not maintain your inflatable pool well, then it may not be able to last for many summer seasons. Therefore, for your physical health and investment protection, it's important to clean and maintain your inflatable swimming pools.

2. Inflatable swimming pool water treatment

For large inflatable swimming pools, it's too wasteful to drain the water after each use. Most people will keep the water in the swimming pool for days or even weeks. So the best solution is water treatment to keep users away from the risks of infections. The most common product for swimming pool water treatment is chlorine, you can buy it from the professional stores. Before you buy the supplies for water treatment, ask the shopkeeper if they contain any harsh chemicals that might harm users or your inflatable pool surface. The water treatment is recommended to be conducted at least once a week. This will help you keep the water fresh and clean, reduce the risk of bacteria, germs, algae growth and bad odors.

3. Regular cleaning and maintenance of inflatable pool

Water treatment can deal with the microorganisms, but you still need to clean the pool by collecting and disposing waste generated from the environment like, leaves, plastic bags, algae and other weeds that might spread into the pool. This work is not hard, keep your eyes on the leaves and trimming some branches above your pool. The tools you may need to use for cleaning swimming pool include a pool net to remove debris, a pool vacuum to suck up gunk at the bottom, attachment and brushes for the vacuum to scrub the pool.

According to the use environment of your inflatable swimming pool, you should also inspect and service the pool filters and filtration system. For minor issues like, clogged filters, you can easily remove and clean them manually. One pool filter is usually good enough, but multiple filters are better, keep cleaning the filters at least once a week to make sure the water is clean and clear for swimming.

After each use, that after you drain the water, you should clean and dry the inflatable pool like other inflatable bouncers and water slides. Whether you are going to use it again or store it, use special detergents to clean the inside and outside of the inflatable pool, then disinfect it if necessary, use a clean rag to wipe down every inch and rinse off the inside with a garden hose. The refill it for another use or dry it for storage.

Owning an inflatable swimming pool is very exciting for hot summer, keeping proper care and maintenance is the best way to enjoy the cool water safely. You will have absolutely no trouble to do this with our guidelines. Any questions about inflatable pools or frame pools please contact sunjoy.