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Inflatable Kayaks Buying Guides
Time: 2018-07-11 13:59
Inflatable boats are more and more popular in recreational water sports, this article tells you the benefits of inflatable kayaks and what to look for when buying your own inflatable kayak or canoe.
Inflatable kayaks are small inflatable boats with strong portability, can be used for short distance travel, fishing, hunting, and various recreational water games. Many people are spending their weekends on the water in summer, due to its lightweight and portability, most of them are choosing to buy an inflatable kayak or canoe. Here are few guidelines why you should buying inflatable kayaks or canoes.

The difference between inflatable kayak and canoe.

The inflatable kayak and inflatable canoe are very similar, some people think of them as the same thing in some place. But strictly speaking, they still have some differences. The most simple way to tell is that you can say an inflatable boat with a single-bladed paddle is an inflatable canoe, and with a double-bladed paddle is an inflatable kayak. In the structure, inflatable kayak usually designed with a closed deck and inflatable canoe designed with an uncovered open deck. Inflatable canoe has a seat for the rider, but in an inflatable kayak, people usually sit on the bottom.
2 person inflatable kayak

Inflatable canoes vs. plastic canoes

When you are buying a canoe or kayak for your water activities, why do we recommend the inflatable boats? There are a few places where inflatable canoes are better than plastic canoes.
1. In terms of price. Inflatable products usually are cheaper than the hard plastic craft. And the maintenance costs are less than plastic canoes or kayaks.
2. Inflatable canoes provide greater buoyancy, so that an inflatable canoe or kayak can carry more weight than the plastic canoe and kayak.
3. Everyone knows inflatable canoes and kayaks are much lightweight and easier to store and transport than the plastic canoes and kayaks.
4. Although plastic canoes and kayaks are more easy to maneuver and paddle, but inflatable canoes and kayaks have better stability, more suitable for beginners.

How is the safety of inflatable kayaks?

When it comes to the inflatable boats, kayaks and canoes, people will always have questions about the safety. Because the inflatable boats are made of soft material and inflated like a balloon, and they worry that the inflatable boats are also easily punctured like a balloon. There is no necessary to worry about that. Nowadays, inflatable boats are made of more robust and durable materials. And if there is a puncture, the inflatable boats have multiple air chambers design, so it will only effect one chamber and other chambers will still keep you afloat. In addition, unlike the hard plastic materials, soft inflatable boat will bounce off when it hits a rock instead of crashing and sinking.
inflatable fishing kayak

The benefits of inflatable kayaks

With the advances in materials and technology, inflatable boats are getting better and better, here are several benefits to tell you why inflatable kayak or canoe is a great investment for your water sport.
1. Modern inflatable kayaks are manufactured in a variety of strong, durable materials, less maintenance and last longer.
2. Clever design makes inflatable kayaks easy to inflate and deflate, convenient for use at anytime.
3. Foldable materials and inflatable structure make it easier to store and transport, easy be stored on a closet shelf, under a bed, in the truck of a car, easy be transported on a plane, in a car, on a bike or even a backpack.
4. Affordable price, excellent value for money.
5. Various different styles, types and designs, can be used for many water activities, recreational, touring, running rapids and swift rivers, etc, suitable for both beginners and advanced kayakers.

Things you should consider when buying inflatable kayaks:

1. Is this inflatable kayak a multi-chamber design? Built from strong and durable materials?
2. The inflatable kayak hull should be covered with a separate strong strake to protect from wear and collision.
3. Check whether they use high quality air valves to make inflatable kayak quicker and easier to inflate and deflate.
4. See whether there are enough strong handles around the inflatable kayak for carry, it can be very heavy after inflated.
5. Ask yourself how many people will use this inflatable kayak, single person or double person, you must clearly check the weight limit of the inflatable kayak before make your decision.
6. Where will you use the inflatable kayak, shallow rivers, lakes, oceans or sea surfaces, ask the store owner if the design is suitable for the water conditions.

Strength, durability, flexibility and safety are the features of inflatable kayaks. Keep these questions in mind when you determine your budget for purchase your inflatable kayak / inflatable canoe. No matter you want to have a fun time on the water with family and friends or just alone, inflatable boats are usually the most cost-effective in all water equipment. Contact sunjoy to get an affordable price today!