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How to Use an Inflatable Helium Advertising Balloon
Time: 2019-08-01 14:00
How to inflate an advertising inflatable balloon, the process guide of filling helium into an advertising balloon or blimp.
Advertising inflatables are very important and efficient for business promotion. A giant inflatable balloon flying in the sky is a powerful and eye-catching sign to draw the crowds to your store. This helium advertising balloon is so useful for your business that you should get it ready for your next promotion. Setting up an inflatable helium balloon is not complicated. The following are 7 simple steps to help you use your incredible helium balloon for advertising.
giant inflatable helium balloons for advertising

Step 1: Choose a suitable setup spot

Before you take out your inflatable helium balloon from the package bag, you need to find a flat and open space. This place should be open, away from the obstructions such as fences, street lights, power lines, trees, buildings, etc. Place a tarp to protect your inflatable, and keep in mind that never drag your inflatable even on a tarp.

Step 2: Spread out your balloon

Like setting up a bounce house, take out your inflatable balloon, put it on the tarp and spread it out.

Step 3: Untangle the tether lines

Inspect the tether system where it attaches to the balloon and make sure it is secure. Check the lines to ensure they are untangled.

Step 4: Secure the balloon before starting to fill the helium

If you forget to secure your advertising balloon before filling with helium, your balloon will fly away. So attach the main tether line to both the balloon and the anchor point first. The anchor point should be sturdy to withstand significant pressure. You may also need to use a PVC hose to protect your main tether line from fraying or breaking at the anchor point while the balloon sways.

Step 5: Insert the filling hose to your helium cylinder

Secure your helium tank on a level surface, insert the threaded end of the filling hose into the valve of the cylinder. Screw the fitting in until it is hand tight and then tighten an additional 1 to 1.5 turns with a crescent wrench. Do not over tighten the fitting as it can damage the valve threads. Ensure the fitting is not cross threaded before tightening and never force the fitting in.

Step 6: Open the helium cylinder valve and start filling

Insert the other end of the filling hose into the filling port of your advertising balloon, grasp the hose and filling port firmly to prevent helium from escaping. Slowly turn the tank handle clockwise and begin by just slightly opening the valve. Always start slowly and gradually increase helium flow. The high pressure of compressed helium can tear the balloon fabric if the valve is opened too much, too quickly. As helium is evacuated from the cylinder, pressure will steadily decrease.

Step 7: Inflate the balloon to proper pressure

As the balloon is filled with helium, it will begin to take shape and have lift. Then how do you know when to stop filling? When the advertising balloon takes on its unique shape, you should slow down the flow of helium, and press on the surface with your open palm to gauge firmness. If you feel the balloon has the ability to float in the sky all day, then it may be properly inflated. And you should seal off the inflation port and slowly raise it into the sky.

Things to consider before you actually fly a helium balloon:

1. Don't forget to consult your local authorities for restrictions on the use of helium advertising balloons.
2. Do not fly helium advertising balloons at night when unattended, or a height of more than 100 feet.
3. During inclement weather or the wind speeds exceed 15 MPH, don't raise your balloon.
4. Can not use a helium advertising balloon directly over moving traffic.
5. Pay attention to the power lines and buildings, don't fly your advertising balloon near them.
6. Pay attention to sharp objects, open flames or heat sources when securing your balloons, the tether line can be severed and cause your balloon to fly away.

An inflatable helium advertising balloon doesn't have to be a ordinary ball, you custom it into any shape you like, such as a helium blimp, an animal balloon, a mascot balloon, an inflatable product replica, etc. More customized advertising inflatables please contact sunjoy to discuss your needs.