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How to Set Up Halloween/Christmas Inflatables
Time: 2019-08-08 14:30
This article we will discuss how to place and secure the giant holiday inflatables for your holiday yard decorations and how to keep the inflatables last longer.
As the summer party season leaves, another busy holiday season is coming. Now it's time to think about how to decorate your house and courtyard to create a great holiday atmosphere. From inflatable pumpkin, ghosts and monster to whimsical turkeys to snow globes, reindeer, snowman and Santa Claus and more, the colorful and giant inflatable decorations are a popular choice for creating a festive holiday lawn, especially with the colored illumination at night. All these outdoor inflatable decorations are surprisingly easy and cost-effective that every family can afford three to five inflatables. Let's take a look at the guide to set up and maintain the festival inflatables.

1. How the outdoor inflatable yard decorations work?

These inflatable products are very simple, similar to other advertising inflatables, but they are made of tight and waterproof 210D PVC coated nylon fabric, not thicker PVC tarpaulin. They come in an endless variety of pleasing forms, from traditional holiday figures to the newest cartoon characters. If you can't find a favorite inflatable to suit your taste, you can also custom make your unique inflatable form from the factory easily.
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These lightweight and giant inflatable decorations are powered by a small, integrated air intake blower, with built-in LEDs to an amazing light effect at night. You set up the blower at the base of the inflatable, and it will provide just enough positive air pressure to shape your inflatable when you plug the blower in. While holiday inflatables are designed for long-term operation, most manufacturers recommend running them for no more than 8 hours at a stretch.

2. Check your local community restrictions and prepare your yard

Before you plan the great Halloween or Christmas yard decorations, you need to check for community restrictions on the outdoor inflatables. For example, some community ordinances may limit prohibit outdoor inflatable display, or may limit the number, the size, the sound of the blower, the distance from a sidewalk or roadway, the dates allow the inflatables to be placed, etc.

After you understand the community guidelines, you should also check your yard for a suitable space. You need to clean out a flat and safe surface. For example, prune the nearby bushes, shrubs and trees to prevent your inflatables from damaged by any sharp twigs or thorns. The open space of your yard determines how many inflatable decorations and how big the inflatable you can set up outside your house.

3. Planning a unique display for your inflatables

You need to consider which and how many inflatable decorations you need to create a wonderful festival scene. Therefore, you have to take a look at the supplier's inflatable products and pick your combination according to the holiday theme you like. And then make sure each fully inflated decoration has extra space around it to move and s way on windy days without bumping or rubbing. Although the display of the decorations can be very random, you can combine them according to the layout of the yard and the function of the inflatables. For example, the Christmas tree inflatable arch is of course standing on the yard path.
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4. Guide to set up and operate your lawn inflatables

1) Read the manufacturer's instruction;
2) Take out the inflatable from package bag and spread the fabric carefully;
3) Check the fabric and accessories for any damages;
4) Close all zappers, vents and fasteners;
5) Secure the air blower to the ground firmly and attach it to the air tube;
6) Check the blower's air intake and clean any weeds, grass clippings, eaves, ice or other debris;
7) Connect the blower to your power source, inflate the decoration carefully;
8) When fully inflated, secure the inflatable to the ground by stretching out each tether and tie to the anchor points.

As mentioned above, most holiday inflatable yard decorations are designed to operate for eight hours or less at a stretch, to avoid burning out the blower motor. Never inflate the decorations during stormy periods. Do not exceed any restrictions that appear in the manual. A lot of decorations are designed for use during both the day and the night. Some may come with integrated lights for night-time use.

5. Maintenance

The only form of damage that can knock your inflatable decorations out of commission is a catastrophic failure of the air intake unit. That's why you must check the air intake to keep it free of loose debris every time you use the inflatable.

If you notice a tear in the surface of the inflatable, don't worry, the fabric is easy to repair. You can sew the fabric together like any other piece of cloth or use a piece of clear packing tape to repair the damage.

After use, you should take down all the inflatable decorations and keep all the parts together, the best place to store the decorations is in their original packaging. Dry the inflatable thoroughly before storage so that it won't be damaged by the mold and mildew. With proper care for both setup and take down, your lawn inflatables can be a fun part of your holiday decorating for years.