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Why Choose Obstacle Course for Company Party
Time: 2019-08-19 14:09
Inflatable obstacle course is a great activity for corporate events with the following five reasons, take it into the consideration of your next party plan.
For many company's party and team building event planners, plan and throw a successful corporate party for dozens or even hundreds of people can be challenging. Some coworkers may come to your event reluctantly. They just want to be alone at home after all day in the office. Yes, no wonder people think that the office party is like an extension of work if your plan sucks. However, with the variety of inflatable games, you can make it fun and memorable for everyone. One of the most popular inflatable options are obstacle courses, suitable for both kids and adults. Let's see why you should plan it into your next company party.
inflatable obstacle course for company party

1. People want some action after sitting in the office all day

After sitting in front of the screen for eight hours, you must want to stretch your body, and it's best to have some active games. At the old boring office party, what you can get is stand around and talk in groups. That's no longer the case. If I want to talk, I can do it at the office. I go to the party and I want to have fun. With the setup of a giant inflatable obstacle course, people can enjoy running, climbing, jumping, sliding and other actions. It's a perfect combination of athletic challenging and competition.

2. It brings people together and allow them to know each other better

The boss of the company want to encourage more cross-functional communication during business hours so that employees can better achieve their performance goals. However, at the traditional corporate parties, people tend to gather in the same small groups they are familiar with in the office. And the inflatable obstacle challenge offer the opportunity that people from different departments can have fun together and solve problems together.

3. It also encourages the corporate friendly competition

As mentioned above, employees of different departments can work together to complete the obstacle challenge, similarly, the boss can also encourage some friendly competition in the company with the obstacle course. Two teams can compete each other by challenging this super corporate 5K obstacle run. It's conducive to cultivating employees' self-motivation and enhancing corporate identity. Plus the competition is in a safe and fun environment where the outcome isn't the end of the world.

4. It can also help to keep children busy at the party

People often bring family to the company parties and usually these corporate events are not so friendly to the kids. They will get bored while parents are busy socializing. So you can install a safe and fun inflatable obstacle course to help the kids and parents out. Children love bouncing and climbing and sliding, and a corporate inflatable obstacle challenge can fit the skill level of all ages.

5. You can go up and go long with various obstacle courses

There are all sorts of inflatable obstacle course designs that they include different rides and structures. According to different party themes and entertainment needs, you can choose a giant inflatable slide that allow participants to climb 25 feet or more into the air, or you can make the actual length of the course a real 5K race. The course can combine a variety of challenges like tunnels, pop ups, rock walls, ball pit, cliff jumps and so on.

The corporate parties and events no long be a half-dreaded obligation for employees, with the customized inflatable obstacle course, you can make it great fun and highlight of the year. Contact Sunjoy Inflatables today to combine your unique corporate obstacle challenges. The newest Christmas theme obstacle course is very hot now!