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How Many Calories Can You Burn by SUP Boarding
Time: 2019-08-15 11:40
If you are searching for a fun and relaxing way to lose weight or get fit, the stand up paddle boarding is your perfect choice. Read this article to see how it can make you workout.
During the hot summer, stand up paddle boarding is one of the most fun and cool sports on the water besides the various of water park games. In fact, it's not only a fun water game, but also an effective workout choice. Stand up paddle boarding is a fun and relaxing activity that both kids and adults of all ages can do. And people won't get bored when paddling on the water, so this workout can be great for most people. It’s a low impact exercise that creates a fantastic balance between strength, endurance and resistance. Let's take a look at how many calories it burns for you and  then join this fun water sport.

Many different ways to paddle

With the fastest growth in the world of stand up paddle boarding, this sport becomes more and more professional. There are a variety of different types of SUP boards suitable for different uses. Different ways to paddle on your SUP board can have different exercise effects. You know, the amount of calories you burn directly depends on the effort and aggressiveness used during the workout, and typically men will burn more calories than women. Based off the subject weight, age and heart rate of three individuals of different sizes (between 160-200 lbs.) during 1 hour of stand up paddle boarding, we can measure the amount of calories you burned.
SUP surfing
1. Stand up paddle board surfing

Surfing on an inflatable stand up paddle board is the best cross training for the surfers to improve their surfing skills while burning the calories. In general, the rougher the waves, the harder a surfer will work and the more calories will burn. On a typical normal surfing day, we found out that a normal surfer can burn between 623-735 calories during 1 hour of stand up paddle board surfing at an intensive pace.
SUP racing
2. Stand up paddle board racing

Racing is a higher intensity sport especially for SUP boarding. The paddlers will have to do the strokes all the time and there's no time for you to slow down or catch your breath. So your heart rate is at full capacity. Of course, different stroke intensities, forms, wind speeds and water conditions will result in different amount of calories burn. The subjects raced a 5 miles circuit and burned between 713-1,125 calories.

3. Stand up paddle board touring

Touring does not mean it's recreational, actually, it's a long distance SUP boarding at a moderate pace without stopping. The exercise intensity is not comparable to SUP surfing or SUP racing. According to the subjects at an average speed of 3 mph, one hour of SUP touring can burn an average of 615-708 calories.
SUP yoga
4. Stand up paddle board yoga

Yoga is a very popular workout choice for women. If you haven't tried it yet, why not start on an inflatable yoga SUP board? SUP yoga offers an intense workout for the mind, body and spirit. It requires an increased intensity that is far more challenging than land yoga. You can burn between 416-540 calories in an hour.
SUP leisure
5. Stand up paddle board recreation

Paddle on the calm water at a slow type pace, with light winds blow to the face, this recreational stand up paddle boarding activity is the most popular and easiest type for users of all ages. Even at a slow pace, paddlers can burn between 304-430 calories in an hour of leisure on the inflatable SUP board.

Compared with other sports:

Surfing: 412 Calories per hour.
Biking: 483 calories per hour.
Running: 650 calories per hour.
Swimming: 840 calories per hour.

No matter which way you like to start your stand up paddle boarding workout, it's more beneficial than the workout at the gym. After a day of exercise, you get out of the gym, you get tired, but if you get out of your SUP board, you get physical and mental satisfaction. No matter you want an exercise effect as a walk in the park or a intense workout at the gym, you can burn the same calories with your inflatable stand up paddle board on the water. Find your balance! Contact sunjoy inflatables to custom your unique inflatable SUPs and other inflatable water games for your entertainment business today!