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Ideas for Grand Opening Event
Time: 2019-08-29 14:19
Tips to make your grand opening a more attractive and successful event and promote great business for your new store.
A grand opening ceremony for new business is necessary for all industries. Business owners will try all the ways to draw a large crowd and encourage their first purchases. It's not only a promotional activity for the company to introduce their products and services to the community, but also a great social event to start building relationships with the future customers. Most companies use a combination of advertising and entertainment to attract new customers. Let's take a look at the great grand opening ideas to help you make a success.
advertising inflatables for grand opening

1. Use inflatable advertising

Among all the advertising tools, advertising inflatables are the most effective for every type of business. They have everything you need for a grand opening. For example, inflatable helium blimps and balloons can take your logo to new heights and grab attention from miles away, funny air dancers and inflatable arches can show your entrance to the crowds, custom inflatable replicas can show your products visually, inflatable mascot costumes allow your staff to interactive with customers, etc.

2. Take advantage of social media

In the information society, every business has a social media page. People look at their phone screen all the time, so there is no better way to spread the word than on a social media. You need to create a new Facebook or Twitter page for your new business, than post all the details about your grand opening. Let people know what they will get if they come to your event, such as the attractive entertainment, prizes, free gifts and anything else that will draw a bigger crowd.

3. Use local billboard and newspaper

Although the effect is getting smaller and smaller, fliers and newspapers are still a good complement to your social media advertising, especially for the local communities. You may need to design some eye-catching fliers, then post them on each billboard and pass out on the street. Buy an ad space in the local newspaper if your advertising budget allows.

4. Hire a performance group

If you want to make your grand opening more attractive, entertained and lively, then a performance group is necessary. You can hire the local singers and bands to attract their fans, hire a host to provoke the atmosphere, and choose the right entertainment for your target customers. You want to use this show to draw as many people to your event as possible, so know what your target customer groups to determine which type of entertainment will appeal to them.

5. Set up a bounce house

This is especially for children. If your business is a family-friendly one, then you can expect parents will bring their kids to your grand opening. This bounce house will help keep the kids entertained while their parents look around and shop. If your event is indoors, set it up with a ball pit. If it's outdoors and the weather is hot, set it up with a water slide or water park. Don't forget to advertise this entertainment so that the kids will beg their parents to attend.

6. Serve food

Provide food and drinks will make your grand opening more like a party. People love to eat even if your business isn't food-related. Of course, you don't have to cater a full meal for everyone. The popular snakes such as hot dogs, pizza slices, popcorn and sweet treats can get the job done. You can take advantage of the setting to advertise your business, such as let the waiter wear a cloth with your company's logo to distribute the food.

7. Give out samples/gifts

Another reason people come to your event is that they may get some free samples or gifts. If you are selling things like makeup, perfume, drinks and foods, there is no better way to introduce them than letting people try them firsthand. If free samples is not an option, you can also provide some related gift packages such as stationery and trinkets.

8. Provide some discounts and special promotion

Grand opening is also a great chance to promote your business. People like to buy brand new products at discounted prices, especially at the new product launches. They don't need to worry about buying outdated products at your grand opening. Let people know they can buy one item get one free at the grand opening, and when they come to ask for the discount, you can take this opportunity to get their contact information.

Your grand opening will not be the only activity to market your business, it's a chance to make connections with your target customers. So keep in touch with them online and offline, there will be more special events in the future. Get the most from your grand opening by using the efficient inflatable advertising. Contact sunjoy for a custom advertising inflatables solution today!