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How to Store Your Bounce Houses
Time: 2019-09-16 14:28
In order to store your inflatable bouncers properly, you need a strong storage bag a safe storage space. Learn more tips to store a bounce house.
If you have own an inflatable bouncer like a commercial bounce house or water slide, one most important thing you must know is that they need to be dried completely before storage. The simple guide to store a bounce house is take it down, clean and dry completely, fold and package into your storage bag. This can work for temporary storage. If you need to store your inflatable for the long winter season and keep it in top condition so that it doesn't deteriorate in storage, you will need to learn deeper about the tips to store a bounce house properly and compact.
how to store a commercial bounce house properly

1. First you need a sturdy storage bag

Both your bounce house and air blower need to be stored in a thick and durable bag that will protect it from dirt, dust and bugs and keep it secure while being transported from one place to another. Many manufacturers' inflatable products come in an extremely light and thin package bag which can not protect your bounce house from the dirt, dust and bugs. So that you may need to invest in a more larger and durable storage bag for your inflatable structure and blower. Unless you buy bounce houses from Sunjoy Inflatables. All our inflatable structures are packaged in standard commercial grade storage bags.

When you buy an extra storage bag for your bounce house, you need to consider the storage bag's material, the dimensions of the rolled up bounce house with blower, handles or straps for carry, the color suits your style or darker bags to protect your bounce house fabric from the sun's UV rays. If you buy bounce houses from Sunjoy Inflatables, you can ask for a thickened and enlarged storage bag which is 50% larger than the standard size of the rolled up bounce house, so that you can package your inflatable easier.

2. Best storage location for storage

The next thing to store your bounce house is to find a safe and dry place in your house that will not get too hot or wet. This storage location can be your closet, garage, shed, basement or any other place that will protect your inflatable and blower from the elements and keep it from water and heat. It's better to keep it on a shelf instead of on the cement floor so that mice and bugs are not able to get to your bounce house as easily.

Deciding where to store your bounce house is often based on the available space in your home. In addition, you should also consider how often will the bounce house be used. If you only use it once or twice a year, then a storage spot where is hard for children to access is reasonable. If you use it much more often, the storage location should be easily accessible and close to where it will be used, so that it's easy for you to get it out.

3. Don't store your bounce house outside

As a professional, we can tell you that never store your bounce house outside unless you really can't find enough space indoors. The various types of weather elements outside can damage your bounce house even if you use an amazing storage bag. For example, the common frost, dew, rain, snow or sprinklers can cause a lot of mold growth; the direct heat and UV rays from the sun can also ruin the colorful material of your jump house. In addition, your storage bag in the outside can be a perfect home of wild critters such as mice and rats. This is not only a mess to clean and sanitize, but also a great risk of damage to your inflatable.

4. How to fold and roll up a bounce house to fit in the storage bag?

You can click to read our blog to learn more about how to roll up your commercial inflatables. An inflated bounce house must be deflated and folded right in order to fit back into the storage bag. Unfortunately, some people can not fold and roll up the bounce house as compact as we do. This can be one of those frustrating purchases that never folds back down into its original form. That's why we supply those large storage bag which are 50% bigger than the standard sizes. One useful tip to roll up a bounce house is slowly squeeze the air out as much as possible and roll the end as tightly as possible.

Another thing to note is that you can never drag the storage bag on the ground. An inflatable unit can be very heavy, you should have someone to help you when moving it in or out of the storage location. Remember, the proper storage is the key to extending your bounce house life! More questions please contact us directly!