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How to Plan a Fall Themed Party
Time: 2019-09-23 14:05
The hot summer season is over and now is the cool autumn time. There are a lot of fun festivals during autumn, here are 6 useful tips for you to plan a great fall festival party.
After the long hot and crazy summer party season, it's time to consider something more cool for the upcoming fall festivals. Planning a fall festival themed party can be a wild and crazy thing because you are allowed to use many bright colors like yellow, red, orange, brown. It's also a harvest season, so the various foods can also help to get the creative juices flowing. No matter you are a parent with kids or a professional party planner, here are some useful ideas to help you get ready for the upcoming fall festivals season.
pumpkin bounce house for your fall festival

1. Design your fall theme and decoration

The fall festival decorations have plenty of choices when it comes to a party this season. Make sure everything you use matches the theme colors of autumn. For the table centerpieces, you can use the popular cornucopia and hold all the knives, forks, spoons and napkins for the event. There is nothing can bring a feeling of autumn more than the carved pumpkins. You can let every guest to carve their own pumpkin and choose the best one at your party. Another classic thing to do at autumn is to stack hay bales. This is associated with fall hayrides still popular in some places. And you can make a colorful arch door with brightly colored fall leaves to decorate your house.

2. Make creative fall festival invitations

Once you have decided what to use for the decorations of your party venue, you can also use the same elements to design your invitation. There are many colors combinations to use on your invitations. You can choose the pre-made invitations from the party stores or design your unique one to extend the theme of your fall party. Make sure that everyone to your party knows what they will get and enjoy at your great party.

3. Fall food favorites

As mentioned above, nothing can bring a feeling of autumn more than pumpkin. The orange colored pumpkin is not only a decoration, but also a food. You can make all the pumpkin-related foods like pumpkin pie, pumpkin-flavored cake or pumpkin cookies to serve  your guests. More over, think out of the box, the pumpkin pizza or a sip inside a carved pumpkin. The caramel apples and chili soup are also very popular for the fall parties. More fall food ideas include: hot chocolate, tea, chocolate acorns, cheese board with bread, sliced meats and apple slices. Any food harvested in the fall will work.

4. Fall festival games and entertainment

One good news about the party entertainment is that you can always find many choices from the inflatables rental companies. There are pumpkin/Halloween style bounce houses, slides and a lot of carnival games to keep the children entertained, Halloween theme or BBQ theme giant inflatable obstacle courses to make your fall party even more memorable. More inflatable games suitable for this harvest season include: corn maze, carrot jumping bag, carrot defense interactive games, farmer yard playground. More ideas please get in touch with Sunjoy Inflatables.

5. Photo booths or selfie stations

In order to let the guests to share their happiness and your cool things at the party, you may want to set up some photo booths or selfie stations. Create some fall festival themed cardboard cutouts that can serve as a photo backdrop is a great idea for people to take photos and share them at their social medias. If you post photos too, don't forget to use fall hashtags such as #FallLeaves, #FallFestival, and #Autumn.

6. Fall themed goodie bags and thank you notes

Everyone looks forward to the goodie bag! As a fall festival party planner, you can prepare some themed festival gifts to hand out to the children at the party, such as autumn apple baskets, fall-themed socks, candles and stickers, classic Halloween candy bags. You can create some green goodie bags that look like cobs and put popcorn inside.

Fall is another best outdoor season of the year which filled with holidays and festivals. There are great chances to throw a fun party. With the above creative ideas in mind, you can make your fall festival party unforgettable! Contact sunjoy to buy a variety themed inflatables for your parties and events.