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Five Tips to Keep A Child Safe In Bounce House
Time: 2017-12-15 17:08
Sunjoy Inflatables care your children's safety in our bounce houses, so follow the safety tips to prevent accidents.
kids jumping in bounce houseAccording to a study done by pediatricians in 2012, the number of children injured in bounce houses has more than doubled from 2008 to 2010. That means more and more parents are willing to rent a bounce house for their kid's birthday party, but safety accidents are also more frequent. That's bad news for inflatable industry, and why would we share it with you? Because, as a bounce house manufacturer, we care the child's safety as you are. The safety is our top priority during the design, much more important than the fun. As we said, we manufacture fun, but the precondition is that we keep the children safety. So we talk about the bounce house safety again and again, here are five tips you should look out.

1, Set up safety

As parents, before you rent a bounce house for your child's birthday party, ask the rental company how they set up your inflatable and keep it secured to the ground. The responsible company will ask you where you want to place this bounce house first, then they will choose the most suitable way to fix the inflatable according to your ground. If you want to set up the bounce house in your backyard with grassy area, they usually use the steel stakes, you can see how strong the stakes are and ask how much wind it can withstand. If you want to set up on the cement floor, they have sandbags or cement buckets for the fixation.

2, No shoes in the bounce house

According to the bounce house safety rules, no one can wear shoes to get into the bounce house, not only to protect the inflatable, but also for safety. Because kids wear shoes in the bounce house will be more likely to trip, sprain or even break an ankle. Many safety accidents of children sprained ankles are because they wearing shoes to play bounce houses. Please keep in mind that take off your child's shoes before he/she walk into a bounce house.

3, Always keep an eye on your kids

Always keep watching your child is the most effective way to prevent accidents. No matter you are in a private party or a large public event, you should never take your eyes off your child when they jumping in a bounce house. In the indoor play center, there are operation staff to supervise the kids, but parents should also keep watch any time. There is so much chance of accident, but it will be less likely to happen when you watch.

4, Same size kids at a time

According to the safety rules, older and younger kids should not play in a bounce house at the same time. Kid's injure may comes from other kids. The larger kids may play rough and fall on the little kids. That happens a lot when a bunch of kids playing together. So when you rent a bounce house at your party, divide the children into groups according to different sizes.

5, Don't play in extreme weather

When the extreme weather hits, the first thing you should do is get your child out of the bounce house. The strong winds may blow up the large inflatable. Even with strong stakes or cement buckets, kids should not stay in the bounce house. The responsible company will not operate the inflatables in extreme weather, such as strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snow, thunder and lighting.

As the amusement equipment manufacturer, we want you have fun with our inflatables, but more importantly we want you to be safe. If you'd like to buy durable and safe bounce houses for your party rental business, check out our selection and feel free to contact us!