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Sliding Safety Rule: One Rider At a Time
Time: 2017-12-29 15:51
When playing inflatable slides, whether wet or dry, please keep in mind that do not slide down with other riders at the same time, must slide down one after another.
right way to slideAs a responsible inflatables manufacturer, sunjoy take great pains to emphasize the importance of inflatable safety to all clients. We want everyone to have fun with our inflatables not injuries. That's why we paste the specific safety rules in different languages for each inflatable. Some people might have learned about the bouncing safety, today we want to remind you that the sliding safety, always slide down the lane independently!

Large inflatable wet and dry slides are usually for older kids, they are active and restless and always want to break the rules. So parents must keep an eye on the kids when they are climbing and sliding. Our inflatables slides are very safe if players follow the use rules, but for more adrenaline highs, children may be tempted to play it unconventionally, such as slide down together or jump off the ride. That's very dangerous and must be forbidden.

There are reasons why we make this safety rule for our inflatable slides. Firstly, the inflatable slide structure is designed for specific user weights. You must understand that there is nothing but high pressure air inside the inflatable slide, so there is a weight limit on each area of the inflatable. If two or more players jump onto the long slide lane at the same time, the collective weight might excess the limit and would be more likely to damage the inflatable, or worse, overturn the inflatable slide and lead to injuries.

wrong way to slide Secondly, kids may slide down the sliding lane one by one, but the next rider can not wait the front rider slide down to the bottom and follow closely. If the front rider suddenly stops or slide very slow, the rider in the back may smack into him/her. Two players tumble over each other on a high slide lane and will continue slide down, that's dangerous. If you hurt you will know this play way is not fun.

For the commercial grade quality inflatable slides for adults, some parents may think that it's OK to slide down with their young child in arms. This may seem like a great way to have fun with your kids, but also dangerous. Imagine that what will happen when your adult body landing on your small child. If kids and adults play the same inflatable slide together, help the kids to slide first and adults do not start to slide before the kids get out of the landing area.

By the way, keep in mind that don't slide down with your head first.

So the only way to have fun with the inflatable slide is keep it safe. Always follow the safety rules to avoid fun things turn into bad things. Keep your eyes on the inflatable slide and separate the riders if you see they are likely to slide down together. There are more safety rules about the inflatable slides, we will talk about it later. Contact Sunjoy today if you want to learn more or looking for fun and safe inflatable water slides for your party or events. Wish you have fun safely!